Buenos Aires City Guide

Update 2/24/16: The blue dollar is dead as the currency was allowed to float in December 2015.

Another Reason to Get Global Entry: Easy SmartGate Entry into Australia

In my giveaway last week of Express Passes into Australia, I mentioned that you can also enter Australia quickly if you have Global Entry. I want to give a little more information about the process because it's another reason to get Global Entry in you haven't already. See Why and How I Got Global Entry.

The process is very simple. To be able to use Australia's SmartGate entry program, you need to be 16 years or older, have Global Entry, and have a USA ePassport.

Everything You Need to Know about Couchsurfing

I travel very differently than many of my readers. I'm up front in a premium class, but then when I land, I take my one carry on and zero checked bags to the house of a complete stranger where I stay for free. I couchsurf.

Couchsurfing refers to two things: the act of sleeping on a strangers couch or guest bed for free and the website couchsurfing.org--the main facilitator of couchsurfing in 2012.

Couchsurfing enriches and "en-cheapens" my travels so significantly that I wanted to evangelize about it for a post.

One Month One Bag

Because for me, miles are a means to an end: great travel experiences, I may occasionally post non-miles tips on the subject of great travel experiences. Feel free to add your own in the comments, or write a guest post.

I'm a one-bag evangelist. Whether I'm traveling for six weeks in East Africa or a month in Europe, I travel with a single carry-on sized bag.