United Polaris Review Covid Edition: Newark to Tel Aviv Polaris

Anna’s note: Israel is still closed to tourists and only Israeli citizens are allowed to enter. Please check updated travel restrictions before making any plans.

Know the Entry Requirements for Each Country

As travel resumes, it’s paramount to know each country’s requirements, even if you are just transiting through and are there for a short layover. I like IATA’s Travel Regulations Map and Kayak also maintains a comprehensive list of travel restrictions by country. 

United has its own resource where you can check international travel requirements.

Trip Report Part II: United Polaris (Service Only) from Houston to Buenos Aires

This is the third post in a series about how I used Asiana miles to book United Polaris Business Class between Houston and Buenos Aires, as well as a review of the product and travel experience. 

I Just Spent 35k Miles for a Flat Bed to Southern South America

Trip Report Part I: Brand New United Club in Houston (near gate C1)
Trip Report Part II: United Polaris from Houston to Buenos Aires 

At the end of last week I returned to Buenos Aires after my yearly exodus from southern hemisphere winter to northern hemisphere summer.