Taking the Jadrolinija Ferry from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik

Last week I took an overnight ferry from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I'm pretty sure Jadrolinija is the only ferry line that connects passengers between the two regions. There is a serious lack of information available online, however, about the process of booking, boarding, logistics, and generally what to expect so I figured I'd share my experience for anyone out there googling with the hope of finding clarity.

Bari is the gateway city to the Puglia region with the busiest airport in southern Italy.

Bus and Ferry Information for Baltic Europe

I spent the last month traveling from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry and from Tallinn to Riga to Vilnius by bus, spending about a week each in the capitals of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Ferries and buses are cheap, easy to book, and very comfortable in this beautiful part of Europe.

Ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn
Ferries are the easiest way to get between Finland's and Estonia's capitals, which are just 80 km apart across the Gulf of Finland.