Plan Now, Travel Later

Updated March 30, 2020 to include data points on award refunds

Updated March 27, 2020 to include data points on United's refund practices.

There’s nothing normal about travel during the COVID-19 outbreak. As with any travel decision, always do what you feel most comfortable with. It is our personal opinion that there are many good reasons to take this time to plan ahead for future travels and more.

Let’s move about the cabin and discuss.

Eventually We’ll Be Cleared For Takeoff

There will come a time when the virus is over.

Alaska Mileage Plan Change & Cancellation Fees as of June 5

Alaska is tightening their the policy on change and cancellation fees in a couple weeks.

As of June 5, you will no longer be able to change or cancel an award 60 days or more prior to departure for free. The only window of time you'll have to make free changes or cancellations will be for 24 hours after booking. Any change or cancellation made after the 24 hour window will cost $125.

Free Changes on United Awards within 21 Days of Departure

Disclaimer: I use the word "upgrade" a few times in the post. I am not referring to buying a cash ticket in economy and trying to use miles or cash to get it into business class. I am referring to using miles to change an award from economy to business. The first type of upgrade is almost universally a bad deal. The second type is a fine deal.

United has a litany of award fees. Booking by phone is $25. Cancelling is $150.