US Airways 100% Bonus Buy Miles Promotion

From September 2 - 30, 2014 US Airways is offering all Dividend Miles members the chance to purchase miles with up to a 100% bonus. Many past offers have been targeted, but not this one.

During the promotion, you can buy up to 50,000 US Airways miles and get a 100% bonus in miles. That means you can get 100,000 US Airways miles for $1,881 total or 1.88 cents each.

This deal is very common.

Half Off Purchase of US Airways Miles through 8/22

US Airways is offering a targeted 50% discount on purchasing 60,000 to 100,000 US Airways miles.

With the discount, US Airways miles cost 1.88 cents each.

Who is targeted?
Is this a good deal?
What can you do with US Airways miles?

The sale price of 1.88 cents each is not the price I'd want to pay for US Airways miles most of the time, but it would allow you to book a roundtrip in Business Class to Europe for about $2,000 all in, including taxes and fees.

Or if you buy 100,000 miles for $1

Chance to Buy US Airways Miles for 1.67 Cents Each Ends Monday

US Airways' Share Miles promotion that allows two friends each to buy up to 50,000 US Airways miles for only 1.67 cents each ends Monday June 30, 2014.

I wrote about it fully in "The New US Airways Share Miles Promotion is 100% Different." The title of that post is in reference to previously structured, better Share Miles deals that allowed for the generation of US Airways miles at 1.13 cents each.
For some people, it will be a great way to top up your US Airways account for deeply discounted premium cabin award space.

The New US Airways Share Miles Promotion is 100% Different

US Airways has announced a new Share Miles promotion through June 30, 2014.

US Airways Share Miles promotions are routinely my favorite way to buy US Airways miles for myself.

LifeMiles Set to Increase in Price by 10%

Avianca LifeMiles sell for 3 cents each, but frequent 100% bonuses on purchasing miles have made the effective cost 1.5 cents each for most of us.

LifeMiles have a number of strategic uses like Lufthansa First Class between the United States and Europe for 72,500 miles (instead of 110,000 United miles) or hidden city tickets that get you from the United States to Japan for 12,500 miles.

LifeMiles are valuable enough that I've suggested converting Arrival miles to LifeMiles.

US Airways Random Buy Miles Promo, Up to 100% Bonus

Per the email I received last week, US Airways is again offering up to a 100% bonus on purchased or gifted miles. This "Mystery Bonus" promotion is a slight variant from previous iterations, as the bonus you receive varies by individual frequent flyer account. You might receive a 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% bonus on purchased and gifted miles.

US Airways frequently runs promotions offering bonuses to buy its miles, including one in December of last year. The deal is hardly a new proposition, especially if you receive an inferior 25%-75% offer like I did.

Two Stackable Promotions Mean American Airlines Miles for 1.98 Cents

American Airlines is offering two stackable promotions for buying AAdvantage miles that allow miles to be purchased for as little as 1.98 cents:

Get up to a 30% bonus on the miles you purchase until February 28, 2014.
Get a 10% discount on the price of miles until tomorrow February 6, 2014.

How do these promotions stack? How do these promotions compare to previous Buy Miles sales? Is this a price at which you should speculatively buy American Airlines miles?

The miles bonus is tiered.

Buy Frontier Miles Until 1/14/14 With 50% Bonus Means $363 Roundtrip Within the US Including Alaska

Until January 14, 2014, you can buy Frontier EarlyReturns miles from with up to a 50% bonus on the miles you buy.

US Airways 100% Buy Miles Bonus Is Back. It’s a Poor Speculative Deal

Per the email I received last night, US Airways is running a five day flash sale on purchased miles. Through December 20,  purchases between 30,000-50,000 Dividend miles will receive a 100% bonus.

This deal has been run numerous times in the past, and is now downright ordinary. US Airways promoted the same 100% bonus to targeted customers back in November.

US Airways Share Miles Promotion Returns for Five Days Only. Buy Miles for 1.13 Cents!

From December 2, 2013 to December 5, 2013, US Airways is offering a bonus of 100% on shared miles.

This is the best mileage purchasing offer of the year. It works out to paying 1.13 cents per mile.