Rent a Car One Way for $5 a Day

This fall and winter, Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty are offering dirt cheap daily rates on their rental cars as in incentive for you to drive their stock south for them. You can find cars for as little as $5 a day with pick up locations at airports along the east coast and drop off destinations in Florida.

At five dollars a day, you could rent a car for a whole week for just $35, or up to two weeks for $70! That is unbeatable.
The Deal
When it gets cold up north, people stop renting cars.

Using AutoSlash to Save Big on Car Rentals

The eclipse is happening in a week, and unfortunately I have no choice but to travel between Charleston, South Carolina--an eclipse viewing hotspot--and Atlanta, Georgia on August 23, just two days after the momentous event that's drawing an estimated crowd of one million+ visitors to the coastal city.