Award Booking Service

MileValue offers an Award Booking Service. We use your miles to book you an award that you can’t book on your own for as little as $125 per person.

With tens of millions of miles redeemed on hundreds of awards, the MileValue Award Booking Service is the world’s leading award booking service, with advice featured in the New York Times. Our clients love us too. Scroll down for testimonials.

Here’s how the service works:

  1. You fill out the form below, which has the information we need to begin.
  2. We email you and set mutually agreeable conditions with you for the award search.
  3. By email, we let you know your options, and you select one.
  4. We put an award on hold for you to book with a three-minute call to the airline to give your credit card for payment of taxes.
  5. You pay us by credit card after we find award space that meets your goals. (The payment is processed by PayPal.) If we fail, you pay nothing! Hiring us is risk free.
  6. If you don’t fully understand, that’s OK. Check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page or fill out the form, and we’ll answer your questions with no obligation on your part.

Things You Should Know Before Filling Out the Request Form

  1. You greatly increase your chances by being flexible with dates, airlines, cabins, arrival airports, etc. The more options we have, the more likely we can book you a great trip.
  2. The price of this service is $125 per person per award usually. Round-the-world awards cost more per person. Itineraries that require more than one award because of the miles you have or the route you want to take cost more. The final price will be agreed upon in advance by email before we begin searching.
  3. Awards are only bookable 11 months in advance. Please do not fill out the form if your preferred dates are more than 11 months out. If you have a question about such an award, email

What Recent Clients Are Saying

Scott, I just wanted to thank you for helping me book my award ticket. I searched on my own for a good 8 hours and my search results did not come close to what you came up with. Very happy with the quick responses to my questions and overall communication through out this process. Thanks for helping me book my mom a trip of a lifetime!


It is well worth the price to bypass the learning curve for scoring primo award tickets. Normally I might have wondered about the competence of the service but I had been following the [MileValue] blog for some time (along with other award bloggers) and that made me comfortable… The biggest pleasure from the service is that I can make a simple request and find out if what I want is possible. It is a tremendous relief not to have to juggle many bits of information and perform tedious searches, most of which I don’t understand well… I value the service of MileValue Booking Service highly and expect to use them again.

–R. C.

As a regular reader of many [frequent flyer] blogs, [MileValue's award bookers] are in a better position to make the most effective use of our points, than I am.


Before I used the service, which I discovered in the NYTimes article, my only concern was in how timely a fashion they would get me a ticket and, if unable to do so, [if it] would be too late for me to do it on my own.  As you probably know the airlines do not make it at all easy to get frequent flier seats. It’s absolutely maddening! I tried for days on end with no luck so I was thoroughly amazed that he was able to get me seats… I am absolutely delighted that [my award booker] was able to do what I could not!

–B. P.

MileValue Award Booking Service was easy to use. They are friendly and reply in a timely manner. Before attempting to book my flight, they described the process we would be following as well as an initial concern about my desired itinerary. Despite the concern, they were able to find flights matching my itinerary, which I would not have been able to do on my own without spending more time and effort than I was willing to spend – not to mention much frustration. MileValue Award Booking Service did the hard work for me.

–D. L.

What surprised me was [my award booker's] depth of knowledge, and the speed and ease of working with him to achieve my goals… I would recommend the service to others, as I was very satisfied with the results.

–J. S.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I required to pay you if I contact you?

No. You are required to pay if the mutually agreeable parameters for payment in the first email are met. That means if we find an award that meets your requirements, you must pay even if you change your mind and decide not to book.

2. When and how do I pay?

That will be explained in the payment email when we are done working on your award. You can pay with a credit card, but you cannot pay with a cash or check.

3. I didn’t get a response after filling out the form.

First, check your spam folder as occasionally emails from booking at MileValue (.) com can end up there.

Or you may not have properly submitted the form. If you did properly submit it, you should have received an immediate confirmation email. Again, check your spam folder.

We strive to answer requests very quickly. In rare cases, one slips through the cracks. If you haven’t heard from us in 48 hours, reply to the confirmation email you got.

Payment Form for Completed Customers (Do Not Pre-pay Please)


400 Responses to Award Booking Service

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  4. Wife & I Looking to do a RTW trip either this fall or next spring. From DC would like to stop in HNL,HKG,TYO,Beijing, BKK, Delhi, DBX, CDG,or LHW back to DC. Is this realistic or should we look to do 2 separate trips? Currently have 200k AA miles, 68k US, 39k Delta, 50k Sapphire UR pts. Could probably get 25k SPG pts. also have 125k Hyatt pts. & 68k Marriot pts.
    Suggestions welcome

    • You want to look into AA’s oneworld distance-based award chart:

      With 200,000 AA miles, you guys can fly segments that total 14,001-20,000 miles total because that distance band costs 100k AA miles. Your proposed itinerary is more like 27,000+ miles.

      Either you’d need 280k AA miles to do that. Easy enough if you can still get their cards. Or you can go 20,000 miles on the AA award, then use other miles for the rest. US and Delta are worthless for this because they must be used for roundtrip travel. Sapphire and SPG points could be useful. But mainly I would suggest changing the itinerary or getting more AA miles.

      Email me if you want to hire me to work on this for you.

      • Hi I want a one way award ticket for 3 on United leaving London and arriving in SFO at the end of July beginning of August, I have 160,000 air miles. Can You help?

        • That’s not enough miles. You need 180k in economy for a one way or roundtrip. If you’re willing to buy the last 20k for around $400, we can help.

  5. Michael Kuhle

    I did a variation on this by booking Beijing to Seoul,first class then Seoul to Singapore first class and Hong Kong to Ft Lauderdale first class that way I was able to get Beijing to Seoul and Seoul to Singapore for 22,500 miles and HKG to Fll for 70,000 miles I thought this was a good award to get 2 first class tickets for 22,500 miles.

  6. I have roughly around 180K aa miles and i woulid like to book 2 round trips tickets for my parents to visit Shanghai this summer with a stopover on the way back in taiwan. Since they are gping to be joining a tour group in Shanghai. The dates are kinda set!!! Can you help me. They are looking to travel between 6/30 and 7/13. Thank you!!

  7. Please let me know!! Thank you!

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  9. I’m using points from hubby’s and my accounts, below, for our son who’s returning to St.Louis this summer from a semester in Asia w/many stops along the way. Bangkok to Beijing, Beijing to shanghai, Shanghai to Taipei,then home w/4 day stopover in LA. Assume because this is 1-way, there’s no free 1-way. Oh, and son only gets coach!!!

    Any suggestions:

    MINE: American 106K, Delta 23,935, Qantas 20,395, United 30,184, 56K Chase UR

    Husband: AA 67K, United 85K, 57K Chase UR, 300K+ Marriott (but since we’re not using hotel, probably not the way to go.)

  10. Hi. I want to book a ticket from LON to STL, but on the way back I need to stop off in NYC for a weekend. Is this possible on Avois?


    • You want to go London to St. Louis to New York to London? That’s very possible. In what class? You should know that it will cost you probably about 70,000 Avios and $600 in coach because BA levies big surcharges on their transatlantic awards.

      • Thanks. Economy class.

        I need to go from Lon to STL, STL to NYC and then NYC to LON. The cash cost per ticket is about $1,100 for all of that. However I was thinking that I could split it into two o/w tickets and buy the flight from STL to NYC. I thought that if I did that it would work out cheaper. But if the cost is about $600 and the cost of the ticket from STL to NYC will also be up to $200, its not worth the 70,000 Avios for that difference.

        • Since the change in the Avios program last year, they are a poor value for longhaul and intercontinental flights. They are best used for shorthaul and intra-country or intra-continental trips. If you have AA miles or any other currency, you’d get a lot more value out of my services.

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  12. If I hired you to book an award for me, would you be the one making the booking with the airline’s award booking desk or is this something I would still need to do? Thanks

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  15. Hello,

    I need to book two tickets from for myself and hubby from DTW to SYD and back.

    For Husband’s ticket preferred route – DTW – ORD on 8/12 , ORD to SYD on 8/12 and SYD – DTW on 8/18.
    For Mine, DTW to ORD on 8/12 , ORD to SYD on 8/12 , SYD to HYD on 8/18 and HYD/MAA to DTW anytime on or after 8/25.

    Any class works. on my ticket, from DTW to HYD, a lap infant also needs to be added.

    Milage Balance: AA -90K, United – 160 K, US airways – 25 K, and aprox 30 K in SPG.

    Please reply to my email.

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  19. Sending a friend your way for award booking!

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  22. For the award booking service, if it is advantageous to split a trip between more than one free ticket (an example would be to gain free stopovers or plural destinations not served by a single alliance) or between free and paid travel (a side trip on a cheap local carrier, for example), is this considered one booking at $99, or multiple bookings, paying $99 for each? How does that work? Thanks.

    • If something can be booked on one award, it’s $99. If it can’t, I determine a fair price in advance with the client. If you have something specific in mind, shoot me an email, and I’d tell you how I’d price it.

  23. OK, I have some refining to do yet on the parameters (dates, destinations). It’s for next summer, but I’ll be looking to book in a few weeks.

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  25. I am trying to get 3 tickets from MAN-KHI & my dates are 20thDec-17Jan. I have MR-115k & 115AA. My dates are not flex & i know it’s a busy travelling time but please let me know if the tickets can booked for the following dates. Thanks

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  28. I tried using the form above to submit the info, but did not go through. I am looking for 3 Business class tickets to Europe using Delta Skymiles in June 2013. Please let me know how your service works and if you can help me. Thanks.

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  33. So my girlfriend and I are looking to travel and while we have specific dates, we don’t have specific locations. We’d like to use AAdvantage miles and the international gateway possibilities (we’re in ORD) to do a week someplace that would be up and about exploring (say Tokyo or Peru) then a week that would be relaxing (say Cozumel or Hawaii). Would the team work with something like that or would we need to figure out more exact locations first?

  34. Hi – my wife and I hope to fly to Lusaka, Zambia to visit our daughter next spring. We each have 120,000 United miles (well, we will when we add in our Chase points). We’d also like to stop somewhere in Europe on the way home. And the possibility of the free one way ticket I’ve read about once we’re back home also interests us. How does your award booking service work? Do you actually book the tickets for us? Or do you find the flights, and then we still have to call United to book them?


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  37. Hi – I’m currently in AU and looking to book a flight for 3 – two adults, one child (5 yr), from BNE to CLE (ohio) between June 15 – Aug 15.I’m on a student visa, finances aren’t exactly through the roof, and I’m looking to maximise the resources we have. The 3 of us currently have 20K apiece with UA & 27K apiece with Qantas. Wife has been approved for 65K max MP Xplorer card, mines pending. We would be open to a 1-3 day stopover somewhere to break up the marathon trip. Needing someone to point me in the right direction. Thanks heaps

    • When you and your wife each have 80k+ United miles, that is enough for two awards in economy class. The third ticket will be with cash. Contact us through the form on this page at that time.

  38. Had a very nice experience with Tahsir booking my June 2013 Chicago-Italy-Paris trip for 4. I know how to earn miles but would have spent hours trying to figure out open jaws/stopovers and agonized whether I was doing it correctly. He did all the work, laid it out for me to choose from the available options, and booked the reservation. I got on the phone with United to ticket it, which was very easy but l.o.n.g. (about 30 minutes). I felt milevalue’s price was very worth it.

  39. Hi,
    I’m trying to book my honeymoon w AAadvantage awards, from NYC – LIH with a multi day stopover in SFO on the way back next April/may. Both hub and I have about 45k miles. Doable? Many thanks for any advice you can offer.

    • It’s 45k miles to Hawaii with AA miles r/t in economy, but you can’t get a free stopover. Maybe you can find a cheap SFO-NYC flight to purchase and use the miles for NYC-HNL-SFO

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  42. So, a really specific question.

    I had a bad experience booking my Mom on a “First Class” ticket using miles. Namely, the Asiana/UA Business/First class seats I booked for her barely reclined and didn’t come with so much as a footrest. I tried researching the plane configurations on, but still wasn’t able to avoid this problem. I couldn’t tell which of the 8 777′s were being used. Would you be able to weigh in on the quality of business class on UA’s 777-200 from ORD-FRA or the 767-400 from from FRA-ORD?

    • Did you use United miles? You should be able to see the seat maps online. Those should both have identical fully flat biz seats.

      • Wow! A reply on the day before Thanksgiving? You guys rock.

        I did use United miles. I saw the map online and see that the 767 from FRA-ORD is a crappy seat that only lies at about 45 degrees. I may have to contact you guys to see if there’s anything that can be done about it :-/

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  44. Hi! I am trying to plan my honeymoon sometime mid-late February to the Philippines with a stopover in Korea for a couple of days. Could you please help me? Trouble is, my husband and I have our own pts (not all in one account) and I have enough pts but he’ll be short. However, if you combine our pts, we’ll have enough. I would like to do this through the US Airways 100% pts purchase deal which means I really only have a couple of days to decide what to do since the deal ends Nov 31st. It would be great to get your help on this! Thanks for having this service!

    • Submit the form, so we will have all the details, and we can see what we can do. Combining points is usually prohibitively expensive.

  45. Hi! I am planning a trip DFW-BKK for 4 in May (different length of stay). We have Citi AA and Citi Thank You miles, also Thai Airway miles. Can you suggest some good options for Premium/Business/First? I am interested to use your service. Thanks!

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  48. I think it maybe too late. I booked two business tickets from JFK-VIE-DEL in June for about 24k of US miles. But, I would certainly love to use your services, next time. I did not find your service till today.


  49. Why do you only offer this service with American, United, and Delta, and not the International carriers FF point programs?

    • American, United, Delta, US Airways, Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, Singapore, Aeroplan. Possibly others. What do you have in mind?

  50. Can you guys help me with a booking that includes some people on AA miles and myself using AA systemwide upgrades?

  51. Hi guys, I am at wits end. My trip requires me to reach SFO before 23rd Dec (which is a couple of days away) which i know is one of the most busiest traveling period of all times. Can you guys help me? Thanks
    PS: I already fill up the form, with all relevant details.

  52. Dear MileValue,
    The bonus miles/points offered by credit card companies are for first time applicants only. Let’s say I have applied to all credit cards that offers bonus miles and used them to redeem my free flight, what is the strategy to earn more miles without spending $100K or fly 100K miles?

  53. Hello Scott ,
    New in the CC Churn Game… obviously it takes time to collect miles with sign up bonuses following the 91 day rule…..I have about 84K AA miles and would like to fly with my honey to Europe/Romania next year….Is it a good idea to buy AA miles under the current promo till 12/31 to reach enough miles for two R/T first/bus class tickets next year in April ( 60K + 30K bonus = $ 1,808.75) and do all CC’s code this one as a sale or purchase coming from
    Thanks a million for your advise and HAPPY HOLIDAYS
    P.S. Love your site and blogs…..lots to learn even when you’re past 45….LOL

    • sale will earn 1x points not 2x. You and your honey can each get 100k AA miles from credit cards in the next month or two by getting both Citi AA cards. I would do that before buying miles. Would you pay $2k+ for business class tix to Europe?

  54. Scott,
    We (2) want to fly SFO to JNB and back from CPT to SFO using US Airway FFMs going around Sept. 23rd and returning around Oct. 14th in SAA or Lufthansa business class. At present there are no business seats available. At some point, if they don’t open up, we would like to work with you to find seats. At what point in time should we contact you if we haven’t found seats.

  55. Hi Scott!
    Thanks for the valuable info on your website. How do you keep earning enough miles to fly for free?
    You guys are awesome!

  56. How impossible is it to get to HNL (or any HI airport) in FC on Delta?

  57. I filled out the form about two weeks ago but have not heard back. Need to know if you can help. DFW-BKK in May with AAdvantage Miles. How many miles are needed for Business please? Not sure which award chart to go by, AA? One World? JAL? BA? Thanks and Happy New Year!

  58. Hi , I submitted my award booking information form and haven’t heard anything .. let me know if you need more information ?

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  60. Hi there, I submitted the form and haven’t heard back yet. Please let me know if you need any further information. I’m super excited to see if you can work your magic on this trip.

  61. Hi MileValue , No luck yet , I am afraid award availability will go down .. please let me know if you need more info , I submitted saturday

  62. Hey, I also submitted a request a little over a week ago. Did it go through?

  63. I know you are very busy , it will be great to give me a ETA or if you could point me to a diff service

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  65. I have traveled quite alot over the past few years and always booked all my own flights domestic and international. But , since getting into the miles and points game, I am very particular about getting the most for the points I`ve earned.
    My wife and I recently needed to use points to go from DFW to Paris , I used MileValue, Scott was pretty prompt with his responses, I`d use him again. We are flying business class Lufthansa , great seats and he was easy to work with.
    His fee was more than offset by tacking on a free one way First class fom DFW to Boston next fall, worth much more than what I had to pay him.

    It may have been a piece of cake for him but I am satisfied and the main thing he did was he saved me TIME and took care of us

  66. ping ! , this is for a special occasion so please let me know if you can work on It , I will appreciate a response , thanks .

  67. Hello- Has united fixed the free one ways on international round trips?
    I called in and they cant seem to price it without breaking it into two tickets

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  69. This is for honeymoon, ideally starting 06/24/2013 – 07/12/2013
    Inter-island flight to Bora Bora to be paid for in cash
    5 nights at Hilton Bora Bora
    6 nights in Australia (hotel[s] TBD)
    Looking to fly business for 1 way from LAX-PPT or SYD-LAX if possible, but no big deal if not.

    I have:
    AAdvantage 135K+ miles
    United 70K+ miles
    Chase UR 220K+ points for me, ~60K miles for fiance. Want to leave some points for Hyatt.

    We are determined to spend 5 nights in Hilton Bora Bora if possible. I have >195K HH points, which should be good for 5 nights (145K pts for 4 nights w/ AXON + 50K pts for 5th night). The trip should revolve around this. I will find hotel in Sydney myself.

    Do you think this seems feasible? Please email me if you think you can helf me. Thanks!

    • Looks feasible. Fill out the form, and we’ll get to work right away. (That puts the info in the right place, so we don’t lose track of you.)

      • Thanks I’ll fill it out soon. But can you explain how the payment process works? Do I have to submit payment just after filling out the form, or are there other steps? Please explain the process to me. Thanks

  70. Hi,

    I am trying to do NYC – Hong Kong – Shangai – Tokyo – NYC in business or fist class. I have 300k AA, 300k Skymiles and 150k Avios. Ideal dates would be 3/22/13 departure and 4/1/13 return.

    Does it seem feasible?

    Thanks a lot.

  71. I’m planning my trip to Asia around in fall. My main stop is in Hong Kong where my family will be spending most of our vacation, but we would like to stop by Japan, Korea, or Hawaii on our way there or back. I know going to Hong Kong from Houston will cost only 60k points.. How much mileage points should I be looking realistically for business/first class with United Airline to go to Hong Kong plus one or two additional stops?

    • For 120k total per person you can do Houston-Hong Kong-Honolulu-Houston in business. Then you can do Japan and Korea as additional awards with United miles or Avios–maybe another 50k miles per person depending on exactly how you route.

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  75. Oneworld explorer.
    Do you guys help with oneworld explorer itenary part of your award service ?

    • Yes, but we do not charge $99 per person. The price is mutually agreed upon in advance based on the number of flights and difficulty of routing.

  76. I have submitted the inquiry form few hours ago (after couple of missed attempts). Please confirm if u got my request….. on oneworld explorer for November 2013-january 2014

  77. Hello,
    How to book award seats in Premium Economy with AA miles, DFW-BKK? I am traveling with family, is business class more for single traveler?

    • You have to book economy and pay dollars for the upgrade to premium economy. Business class is a great option if you have the miles.

      • Do you have the info on the cost of upgrade? AA agent said the ticket cannot be upgraded. Does Business Class isolate you from your travel companion?

        • You can’t upgrade award tickets. You book business class awards. Being in business class while your companion is in economy does mean you will be separated.

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  80. Hi ,

    This is for a summer getaway outside the States for one: starting 05/13/2013 for 3-4 weeks. She’s based near LAX, but can get to and from SFO pretty easily.

    I have:
    Delta: 20k miles
    Hawaiian Air: 36k miles
    Hilton Hhonors: 120k points, only gold level.
    US Airways Dividend Miles: 40k miles

    She has:
    Amazon: 38k points
    American Airlines: 11k miles
    Southwest: 20k miles
    US Airways Dividend Miles: 40k miles

    Would it be possible for her to travel outside the US for cheap: preferably Japan/Asia? If we can swing it, I can join for 2 weeks, too. Multiple stops, open jaws, etc. to anywhere with a nice beach and blue water. Accommodations would be great, too. Used to hostels and private rooms on airbnb.

    Credit scores are in the 800′s each. So we can churn a few cards if something pops up. Please, advise!

  81. Using AA miles, is there a date change fee after the award ticket is issued? I am churning my miles and it won’t post until next month, does this mean I can’t book the ticket yet? Thank You

  82. I know ths is last min but I have a last min travel plan. I’ll call UA to see if I can get it to put on hold for 7 days, would you be able to work something better out for me in the next few days?

    Sfo to lhr or paris or Rome, out from diff but any of the aforementioned airport. 14 days total!!

    Thank you!!

  83. My in-law is going to visit us from Hong Kong . We’re wondering if theres a route HKG -> IAH with only one stop at NRT with UA miles. I know there’s this flight (UA78/UA6) that flies Monday to Friday. I tried looking on United reward section, but couldn’t find it.

    She currently got 95k UA miles. Her schedule is flexible. Pretty much anytime in May to July and staying for 14-20 days.

  84. A reply to our request would be useful – do you think you can help or not ??? We are happy to pay your fee but want to know whether we should plan our own midnight searches ???

    Time, I think, to wake up and shape up !!!


  85. I already have a one-way award ticket with AA in biz/1st for 37.5K miles from PHX to HNL and was wondering if it could be changed to add a segment from HNL to PPT. The actual flight is on HA and I see they fly to PPT so I was looking to get more out of my miles. I see on the AA site that its 37.5 in econ from LAX to PPT and 60K in biz so if it’s only 22.5k more than I would be willing to pay a change fee and you to help me do this. I don’t have dates yet for the PPT stay. I am looking to burn my HH points to stay at Bora Bora. Just wanted to know if it’s feasible or if I would have to start over with a rt itinerary.

  86. Looking to burn some Dividend Miles from US to Australia with a stopover in Hong Kong. I know you guys have booked many US Airways awards to Australia and was wondering about business class availability with lie-flat seats. What airlines and routes tend to be available, and with what certainty, between Australia and Asia/US in business class with lie-flat seats?

    • It’s near impossible to answer questions like this in the abstract. Make a request and we’ll see what’s there on your dates.

  87. Take advantage of this guy! $99 is a steal for what he does. We have emailed over the past 4-5 days about a trip I wanted to take. I had a general idea of what routing I wanted.

    I had 160k USAirways miles just sitting there I wanted to burn before the merger… I wanted a trip from Boston to Europe for a while (taking the train to a couple different cities)…. then I wanted to get to Asia on a A380. Then from there to Sydney. Then back. All within a span of two weeks, and all in first class.

    He made it happen. He got me a killer two week trip, for 20k less miles than I thought it would cost. Most of all, he called, and called, and called many times to get it held/booked. He got denied the open jaw I wanted … when he when we agreed the open jaw wasn’t going to happen and I told him to book the final routing, he asked the agent again, and what do you know … he got that one agent that said yes.

    Couldn’t say enough about him and will definitely let everyone I know about this site and his booking service.

    Well done, man. Well done.

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  89. Hello: I receive your email newsletters and would like to ask your advice. Below is what my husband Bob and I currently have:

    Amex 52,529
    Delta Bob 156,233
    Delta Val 14,837
    Amex SPG 30,932
    Chase Sapphire 46,816

    We are planning a trip to Paris and London late November and would like to travel business/first. My husband was going to get a Delta Amex card to use for his business expenses instead of his Amex platinum and/or Amex gold to start accruing points. Do you think he should make the switch or stay with his current Amex cards….I believe the points can only be used on Delta..we don’t necessarily love delta but feel locked into them.

    We would like to use points also for hotels if possible but would settle for air only.

    Please let us know what you think our best options are. Thanks so much, Valerie Zeman/NY

    Thanks so much. Valerie Zeman/New York

  90. We are looking to book a trip to Ireland in Sept. and would like to use our points from Amex Starwood card for business class tickets. We were thinking of transferring the points to AA, buying the tickets, and then use our points to upgrade to business class. We have 160,000 Starwood points. Do you think this is a good idea?

    • No, that’s a bad idea. You will be much better off booking two business class awards outright. Please fill out the award booking form, and we can get to work.

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  92. I am looking for anything :) I have 450k Ultimate reward points, 200k AMEX pts, 50k united, 50k us airways. My main goal would be to fly to Asia maximizing the trip flying in First class, would love to try the a380. Places of interest would include Shanghai, Thailand, Bali, Hong kong. I have only been to hong kong, so I am just trying to put together a comfortable trip in First class being able to make a few stops within a 7-10 day trip with as little points as possible. I know this is super open, but we are not picky. I will gladly pay for your services. Also looking anytime between august and Sept. Main requirement for the wife would be comfort. So first class products would be best. Any suggestions?

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  96. If I fill out the form and you find me a flight(without disclosing airlines and miles accounts accessed) is it commitment free at that point?

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  98. Hi,
    I am looking for a round trip for 2 adults and 1 kid (2 yr old) from San Antonio to Hyderabad (India) some time in October 2013 or Jan 2014 in business class.
    I have;
    75k – MR
    105K – MR (Wife’s account)
    71K – united
    85k – Chase UR
    85k – Avios
    100k – Delta
    40K – US dividend miles
    Are these miles enough for the award travel and by when do I need to sign up for your services?

    • That’s enough miles, and if you already know when you want to travel, I recommend booking now. Fill out the form, and we can get started.

  99. Hey Scott…

    Just sent my request. TTYL…

    FT-HSS (from Phx)

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  101. Planning on going to South Africa in June 2014 so it’s too early to book or even begin the booking process. I would like some advice from you so that I can be in a great position to have you book our tickets when the time is right.

    Currently we have:
    UR 125,000
    MP 131,000
    AMEX (me) 102,000
    AMEX (hubby, not deposited yet) 125,000

    Where do you feel that I need to add some more points to? I can go out and start getting my favorite flavor of ice cream :)

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  104. I always read for pleasure.
    I am a Japanese in Japan.
    I bought a mile of US 100000.
    1 Could you get a Ticket for my mother, and first classes from Japan to Europe?
    2 Can you changes a date or location if do I need it ?

    Most of US Airways is not known in Japan. And it is very difficult to make a reservation and is troubled with English.

    3 When two adults fly in Europe in business class from Japan, I think that I may purchase a current lack mile. I buy a mile of US before asking you for the reservation, and should I fill an account then?

    A lot of questions are sorry that there is it.
    I perform an answer to enjoy it.

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  106. Hi,

    I’m looking to book award tickets (6) on Business or First class from NYC to HK/PEK around mid to end of July 2014, when should I submit a request for your Award Booking Service? Thanks!

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  108. Looking for round trip for 3 adult from st. louis,MO to Mumbai,India in business class I Have :
    150 K AA
    160 K AA wife’s account
    130 K BA family
    20 K UR
    Would that be enough? I would prefer Etihad/Emirates with 5 nights stopover.


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  110. If I gather another 100K aa miles that would be 250K mine and 160K in wife’s account. Would it be possible to combine our miles for 3 tickets?

  111. I applied two citi aa cards and approved, so I will have more 100K, I am not thinking to transfer miles to another account but I am thinking to book another ticket from my account, so two tickets from my account and 1 ticket from wife’s account, is this possible?

  112. A general question regarding using US Airways miles to get to Asia. Have you seen it be possible to route via Europe to SE Asia for 90k miles? I know you can get to NE Asia, but not super interested in visiting anything in NE Asia besides HKG and am more interested in redeeming MR for SQ Suites for that. Would love to use this US Airways sweet spot to get to SE Asia (Bangkok), Maldives using SPG->JAL on BKK Air or Bali.


    • SE Asia is 120k in business. Maybe if you kept the semgents super low, you could stop in SE Asia and N Asia and get charged 90k if you told the agent your destination was the N Asia one.

  113. I’m looking to snag 3 award tickets for my brother and his family for June 2014 from CHA to OGG and I was looking to use US miles as I will have 120K by then. I have a USAirways mastercard that gives you a 5k discount per ticket that is up for renewal and I was wondering if it’s worth it to do so. What is the chance that it will make sense to book the award tickets on USAirways metal even with this discount in favor of going the star alliance route on United? The days I will need will be Sunday to Sunday. Does USAirways even release low level awards tix to OGG on Sunday?

  114. Hi:
    I enjoy your blog a lot and value your wisdom and plan to use your services for next year but this is our predicament. My friend and I have 200.000 AA miles we had schedule 2 trips one to France (Bordeaux and Paris) in April 2014 and the other to China in Viking cruise in October 2014 (Beijing to Shanghai,) we enjoy business class (had never fly in first) our question is shall we pay for the trip to France and up-grade to business and use the rest of our miles for the trip to china in business class? I am a gold AA member


    • Look at the upgrade chart. The deals are atrocious. I never recommend upgrading with AA miles. Use the miles to book business class awards. If you are short miles, I can tell you how to get them:

  115. Scott :

    I really apprecited your offer i will coantct you using that link to see how I can get more miles

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  118. We used you before.

  119. Pingback: Is there a paid Concierge service available for using points

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  121. I am flying from zrh to atl on delta flt. 67 on Tuesday in biz class. There are currently 22 of 36 biz seats empty. How likely is it to stay that way come takeoff? Right now I’m in 2c but a and b of rows 4-5-6 are currently empty. I’d like to choose 5a but not if someone is going to sit next to me in 5b. What do you think? This is a 767-300er with no 1st class only biz-elite.

  122. Looking to fly SFO (or LAX) -> AKL -> SIN -> SFO (or LAX)
    would like to spend about 6 weeks in AKL and then a week in SIN leaving late january and returning mid march.
    Currently have 200k ultimate reward pts and 65k united pts.
    Is it possible to get this itinerary for 2 people (business class hopefully)?
    If not how much more points are needed? Would be looking to use your booking service net month to finalize things.

    • You would need 270k total, so you’re 5k short. More importantl, you won’t find award space between SFO and AKL on the outbound unless you are willing to connect in Asia.

      • Awesome! would that be for business class? or just economy?
        LAX any better? we would be traveling to either city from denver via southwest points so it doesnt matter to us…unless you can get us flights overseas from denver?
        I’ll work on those 5k points and contact you then for booking.

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  124. I have US airways miles for business booking for two . . . .but want a stopover AND openjaw . . .
    So even though in same star alliance with United, I can’t do that!? RIGHT???

    So I need to get more United miles and can do a stopover AND openjaw!? RIGHT???

    Is this trip a stopover and openjaw and can I do this with United????

    New Orleans-(stopover Vienna)-
    on from Vienna stopover to Santorini (Thira)-destination
    Then openjaw Athens-New Orleans

    I really would love to travel to stopover on Austrian Airlines direct from Chicago or Washington on their new flat bed business too!  I can see these flights on Austrian but not on United? what does that mean?

    Is this trip feasible for 100,000 miles @ in business next spring?

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  127. We need to get to Istanul on May 17, 2014. Leave SFO and fly to either Paris or Berlin for 4-6 days, then on to Istanbul to meet a tour group. Return dates are flexible. We will be using Marriott Rewards points to transfer into the carrier, so we need a carrier that will reserve and then hold for 48 hours to give us time to move points. There are some airlines that will not take Marriott. I know that Delta will take them and we could book Air France. Do you work with situations like this? We have plenty of points to transfer, so the amount of points is not the issue, really. And we cannot start looking until 331 days before departure, right? We are thinking of using you, but need to know if you can work with these parameters. Thanks!

    • This will be tough to coordinate: “Please note: Once frequent flyer miles have been requested, miles will automatically be transferred to your frequent flyer account. Please allow approximately six weeks for miles to be posted to your frequent flyer account or contact your local Marriott Rewards office to inquire about express service (may include a fee).”

      See here ( for more details. Because award space frequently changes, we don’t search until the client has the miles already. If you are sure you want to do this, I would recommend transferring to United miles, but there is no guarantee award space will be available. You need 60k per person for economy on that routing or 100k per person for business.

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  130. Quick question regarding using AA upgrades.
    Apologize if this has been answered before…
    I usually try to pay for least expensive Y fare in order to
    build miles, especially on trans/pacific/atlantic, then
    upgrade with miles to C business.
    I have not been able to see this permutation in your submissions
    can you link me to an answer ?

  131. I am looking to book 3 tickets from either CHA or TYS to OGG for 1st week of June, 2014 and I want to use USAirways miles to most likely book on United. I was wondering if there was a way to put the outbound on hold until the return date becomes available. Or maybe add the return after booking the outbound. How does USairways handle this kind of situation, since they only do roundtrips with award miles? Would I have to wait until the return date became available and then hope the outbound was still there? My dates are pretty much fixed as we will be using a timeshare as our accomodation. Thanks, Buddy

  132. Hi, I’m about a month away to embark on that amazing RGN-YUL mostly Business class flight for $720 that you mentioned last Fall. I called Travelocity to inquire the actual booking class of each segment. The flights are all star alliance. I’m hoping to maximize my miles on one airlines program to get star alliance Gold. It looks like Aegean’s program has the easiest route to obtain it, only needing 20k miles. I compared it to United’s for 50k; however 4 segments must be in United metal. SWISS is 100k. Am I on the right track? Thanks!

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  135. We have a family destination wedding in Maui Aug. 30, 2014. We plan to fly in 3 to 4 days before the wedding. I plan to use your booking service to get award seats and better flight times. I have 100,000 Avios and 89,086 AA miles. Will you be able to help and book atleast 4 people if not more. How soon should I sign up for yor service? Thank you

    • You have enough AA miles for two tickets. You probably have enough Avios for the other two tickets on the same flights, but it depends on where you live, since Avios charges by the segment. Contact me September 30, 2013. In the meantime, you could try to earn United miles or Hawaiian miles to increase your chances of finding space. For personalized, free, help with that, use this form now:

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  137. I’m looking to go to New Zealand this year (BOS-AKL, preferably) in December 2013. Our travel dates are any 3 weeks with departure dates flexible from December 7th-25th. We have 162k points on Miles & More. Is this possible at that time of the year, for 2 adults on economy?

    • Maybe if you’re willing to route through Asia and possibly even Europe and understand that Miles & More redemptions carry fuel surcharges.

  138. Hi-
    There are 3 of us (2 Adults,1 child) and We’re planning on going on a cruise from Sydney Australia to Auckland New Zealand in Feb 2015 – We’re hoping to fly business class from Boston or NY – Which I know is difficult to come by -I’m not sure if we have the miles or what our best options would be/if I need another credit card –
    My wife is 163K miles on American, I have 146K with American
    My wife has 95 K on Ultimate Rewards, I have 130 K on Ultimate rewards
    my wife has 30K (she can get an advance to 50k)on Membership rewards and I have 60k
    membership rewards
    and I have 70K on US AIR

    Any advice/thoughts?? Business class there is more important than on the way back…


  139. Big fan of this blog – most detailed technical info around. We’re looking to book 3 First or Business class seats using AA miles from Dallas to Amsterdam or Frankfurt in June 2014. In your experience, when should we expect to see those seats open up? Looking 330 days out right now, availability is near-zero on every flight. Is there a window (11 months out, 9 months, 6 months out) where AA starts opening up more premium-class seats for award booking for Europe next summer? Thanks for any insight!

    • I don’t expect 3 seats to open up at all on any convenient routes in business or first on the same flight. But there may be some way to do the trip.

  140. Hi, I’m looking to book a round-the-world trip from about 9/26 – 11/25. In terms of points/miles, I don’t have that many yet but I have two goals on this trip: 1) maximize saving $ by using points/miles (I don’t have a steady income right now so saving is important), and 2) gain pts/miles from booking the remaining legs.

    This is what I have so far:
    United ~18k ready for use I believe, more when the points become available
    Amex membership reward pts 30k
    Sapphire 40k (can use around late Sep./early Oct) – just opened card
    Barclay 40k (same usage start)

    How would you recommend I go about the timing of booking flights given when my miles can be used, or are my goals too contradictory? Would you recommend your services for this kind of booking circumstance? Any advice appreciated!

  141. I have almost saved up 375k UA points enough for my family to fly to Hong Kong in business class. We would love to get most out of our miles. We are hoping to visit 1-2 additional cities. What cities will be possible as stopover?

    Places we are interested:
    -New Zealand

    • All the ones between you and HKG. The ones past it like SYD and AKL would price out as awards to those places (405k miles for three people.)

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  143. Hello,
    I recently stumbled into your blog and wished I had known about all the great possibilities of travels using miles. Great job and have so much to learn, thank you for sharing. My husband & I would like to fly 1st class from Los Angeles to Asia & like to visit Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore or any other possible area for stopovers (for few days 3-4) sometime in Jan, Feb, March or April of 2014. We are both retired and very flexible with our time. We are in the process of earning mile bonus by applying for credit cards. Currently after we finished minimum spend in 2 mos, we have AAdvantage 100K for me; 115 K AAdvantage for hubby; Ultimate Rewards = 30K; Hyatt =40,000; SPG = 30K. We recently each applied for bonus miles credit cards in July, 2013…for me 2 CitiAAdvantage Select Visa and my hubby Chase Sapphire Preferred & Chase Ink Plus. When can we apply for more credit cards and which ones would you suggest to reach our goal. Is it achievable? We hope to use your Award Booking Service to save time and maximize our chance. Thank you so much and best regards.

    • You basically already have enough miles. You’ll want 135k AA miles each + some Ultimate Rewards. When your miles from this round of July cards hits, contact us through the form. You shouldn’t apply for more cards until October (July + 3 months). When you do, contact me here for personalized suggestions:

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  145. I was currently planning to fly CX premium economy with my family from IAH – HKG which is costing me $2500 per a ticket. A total of $8200 for all of us.

    I saw US Airways is doing a promotion selling their miles. Is it true it’ll only cost 90k miles to get me from IAH -> HKG round trip? Would I be able to buy their miles to buy myself a round trip in business class to HK? 90k miles wound cost me less than $1800.

    We have 3 adults and 1 infant seating on lap. Planning on flying late September and staying in HK for 35-45days. If it is possible I’ll buy the ASAP before the promotion ends. I’ll love to use your service and find a nice stopover.

  146. Hi Scott,
    We’re planning a trip next year (Sept or Oct. 2014) to Europe. We will be meeting friends there & then will spend 3 weeks visiting Paris, Vienna, Venice, Florence & probably Barcelona. It doesn’t matter the order. My wife and I each have over 300K UA, 200K AA, 120K DL and a family total of 70K BA. We live in the NW and can fly out of SEA, PDX, BOI or SLC. We’d like to fly Business or First. Which airline/alliance would make more sense? Would flying into CDG and home from BCN make sense?

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  148. Any comments/suggestions on my post above?

  149. We (2 people) want to travel from LAX to CDG July 7 or 8 2014 and return NCE to LAX on July 19 or 20 2014. Better would be SNA to CDG and return NCE to SNA. We want to use American Airlines MileSAAver Business or First Class and each of us have over 130,000 miles. I just found this site. Is it too late for you to get this type of travel since July 8 has already opened up on the mileage chart? Thank you.

  150. Hi Scott,

    I have AA mileage point 133k and wonder if you could help book from SFO to TPE. I prefer to take Cathay Airline business class. My plan is to depart between Oct. 23 and Oct. 28 and to come back between Mar. 18 and Mar. 25. If you think it’s doable, please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much.

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  152. When is the best time for you to start the process – looking for SMF – CDG or TLS in late June/July 2014 (Delta miles)?

  153. If I use your service can I request only Saver miles? My dates will be very open and planned in advance for an Asia Trip.

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  155. Hello MileValue, I want to book an award using a cache of US Airways miles (140k) to visit Seoul and Tokyo from the west coast. My understanding is that US Airways awards allow one open jaw. Is this a viable itinerary where I can spend 90k US Airways miles on a roundtrip business class ticket (I primarily want to fly the 787 from SJC-NRT): SJC-NRT, ICN-SJC

  156. I want to book award travel next summer. How far ahead would I contact you for your service? I want to go from Rochester, NY to Phuket, Thailand, with a stop over in Viet Nam (Ho Chi Men City).Need two award tickets. Have some flexibility (June-September). will have approximately 160,000 points by then.

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  158. MileValue | August 31, 2012 at 12:10 pm | Reply
    If something can be booked on one award, it’s $99. If it can’t, I determine a fair price in advance with the client. If you have something specific in mind, shoot me an email, and I’d tell you how I’d price it.////Another place says $111. Which is it?//Can I use the routing for both me and my wife? We have had our flights under one locator code and, effectively, as one boarding pass.

    • The current price is $111 per passenger. The $99 price was the old price from the 2012 post you’re quoting. For you and your wife, that would be $222. For further inquiries, please fill out the form on this page.

  159. I plan to use your service to book 6 awards for late Aug 2014 for ORD to OGG . Four will be returning from Honolulu. These are the miles my husband and I EACH have : Avios 50K , Miles and More 55K, UA 62K. Which of these miles is enough for a one way coach and a business for the return trip? Which can be used for inter-island flights, how many miles will be needed or is it better to just buy?

    Thank you!

  160. Elizabeth has nearly a year to hit the credit card bonuses to amass a whole lot more miles and Avios and hotel points and other transferable points (cash equivalents). With enough, a free rental car might be had. Recycling of funds, of course, to pay off the minimum spending charges.

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  163. I just want to say great thanks to MileValue forks and share my personal experience to those guy seeking help for award-ticket booking.
    In early July, one of award booker (Michael) helped me with great patience and booked a round-trip ticket to China. My returning trip on August 05 was to fly from China (GuangZhou) to Japan, then to Canada, and finally to U.S. Because of my own fault/carelessness, I went to the GuangZhou airport only to find out that I was not allowed to board the plan because I didn’t obtain a Canada Transit Visa (complex issue, I could transit in Canada only if I flew directly (non-stop) from certain cities in China), which meant I couldn’t fly to Canada from Japan even for transit. Because it was peak time and ticket price was insanely high as $3000 for returning and no award-ticket available to best my knowledge (Delta, United, and Star Alliance, with which I have membership). I was so frustrated since I needed to get back to U.S. ASAP. I contacted MileValue via email (didn’t have # to call) hoping they could response and gave some advice. They did response in about 3 hours and gave me a number to call. This time it was Tahsir who helped me with sympathy but he couldn’t find any award-ticket neither because I needed one on the same day or the next day! But then he found a same day award-ticket from another airline program (British Airway) departing from Hong Kong, and “luckly” my original departing airport GuangZhou is within two hours’ drive from Hong Kong airport. So Tahsir came up with an idea. He asked me register for an Executive Club membership with British Airway (with which I have never fly) and transfer Amex points to Avios points, then asked me to take ground transportation to Hong Kong and departure from there. This was such a creative way and I had to admit I would never figure this out myself. I was very glad that I was able to get back to U.S. on schedule but also very sad since I had to “waste” 70,000 Amex points (business cabin, no economic available). You know what, Tahsir knew my feelings and in order to cheer me up, he simply waived the booking fee! So guys, what else I need to say?

  164. Husband has 71K Dividend Miles and cardholder of US Airways Premier World Mastercard. Are the miles enough for 2 economy round trip ticket ORD to OGG, booked separately for family members. I am counting on the 5000 less award miles as benefit for having the card. He already took advantage of the 100 % sharing miles offer.

  165. ls it advisable then to have 80K Dividend miles, so it can be booked with the star alliance partners?

    • Yes, and then if there is US Airways space you can do it for 70k and if there is not, you can do it for 80k.

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  168. do you handle tickets where I want to buy an economy ticket and get a upgrade to business with miles? United airlines to be precise. MSP to MEL Australia

  169. These are the options for the award booking for my son, OGG TO ORD:
    OGG-LAX United Economy
    LAX-ORD United Business
    There is also a all Business class options with US Airways
    OGG-PHX Depart 1030pm Arrive 707am US Airways Business
    PHX-ORD Depart 905am Arrive 237pm US Airways Business
    Which option would be best? Why?
    Thanks for all the advice. Nice meeting you at the Chicago seminar.

    • The second one because it’s all first class. They will be the same number of miles, so why not enjoy extra space the whole time? United and US Airways domestic first (what you called business) are very similar.

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  171. Dear Scott
    Nice talking with you at the Chicago Seminars. I want to do a trip to Rio Carnival in February 2014 all in business from Miami and then continue to Germany after that and return home to Miami. What are the best airlines or options for me to look at to minimize point expenditures. I first checked with avios from Brazil to Germany but those dates were not available.

    • I don’t think there will be award space to Brazil around Carnival time, since it is a peak time to travel. If there is on any airline, you should grab it. So what I would do is search every airline with which you have points and all their partners.

  172. Your booking service found two one way business award availability on US Airways, ORD to OGG using Miles and More points. When I called Lufthansa they said only first class seats were available and would cost me 50,000 + miles. What can I do, I tried to explain that the first class is also the business class but she said no? Is there a secure way to send personal informations so your service can book the flights for us? Thank you!

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  177. In regards to a travel booking request I have made with you a much better transfer point came to mind for on the way to Dubaii. That would be Doh. Much easier for flights I would think.
    I am trying to use as few Avios as I can and still be able to make it home on the explorer award using under 20,000. Its certainly not optimum as planned but I am open to any and all suggestions. I would enjoy a forst class segment or two on the Avios if the product was wothwhile. Thanks again.
    Kind regards


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  181. Question about price, i’m a family of 4 ( 2 adults + 2 Kids), will the award booking fee still be $110/person = $440?

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  186. hey man i know somewhere on this site you showed me a way to get a free credit report and i cant for the life of me find it again. can you send me that link. I wanna sign up for a new biz card and reg card.

  187. If you have a Barclay card, they will give you your “official” FICO score. However, will give you your Experian score and will give you a score close enough for your needs.

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  189. Sarah Touchstone

    Hi! I want to go to Europe (2 of us) in Spring or Summer 2014. Live in Dallas. Think we want to go to London and then Paris. We (4 of us including kids) also want to go to Hawaii (Maui probably) in late 2014 or early 2015. We currently have 136k AA miles. Is it possible to Open Jaw both legs to and from Hawaii or only one leg free to Hawaii via our Europe trip? Trying to figure out the very best value for our AA miles and how many more I need to earn. Wish I could figure out how to get all of us in First/Business Class given those are all long flights, but I doubt I could come up with however many miles that would require! Thanks in advance for any insight!

    • Two economy roundtrips to Europe before 5/15/14 would be 80k AA miles. After 5/15/14 would be 120k AA miles. You can add DFW to Hawaii after the trip for no extra miles. You would need another 17.5k AA miles per person to return from DFW. So just the two of you getting a r/t to Europe and Hawaii in economy will be at least 115k AA miles. You need more miles. I recommend my Free Credit Card Consultation –>

  190. Hello, I have plenty of USAirways miles stocked up thanks to 100% promotions and multiple Barclays churn. I’m looking to maximize a First class RT to India in January 2014, are there any good options using USAir miles?

  191. I have miles and points in many programs- Chase, American, (Tons of Delta-who doesn’t)Starwood, Amex Membership,United,Alaska. Is it at all possible to book First Class to Aouth Africa (or business with a good flat bed product) in 2014. Befor I put in any formal request I am wondering if anything is even feasible. I know South Africa is a tough one.
    Or trip idea #2 Sydney Australia and New Zealand. I know I can use Delta (VA) to SYD but what about New Zealand?

  192. We have 300,000 BA avios and 2 companion passes. I want to fly from Austin to Naples or Rome on July 29, 2014, and return to Austin from Paris on August 21 or 22, 2014. We have 5 people, ages 7, 13, 16, 50, and 67. We all want to travel together.

    Since I would have to take the companion passes on BA (and pay about $750 per ticket – $3500 total), would it be worth using an award service to see if we could lower our cost? Could we get the tickets with our miles on another airline without using the companion passes?

    • We cannot lower the cost because the companion passes have to be used on BA flights, which have big fuel surcharges when booked as an award.

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  194. We’re trying to book 2 business class tickets (one way) from Melbourne, Australia to San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 9, 2014 via Qantas/American Airlines with AAdvantage miles. We know we have the 62.5k miles needed per person but are having trouble finding available award seats in business class for this date. Could you help us?

  195. Hi,
    I have 430k BA avios, 100K SPG, 200K United and 70K AA miles. Do you think you can work with us to book a round trip preferably in Biz class for a family of 3 from Dallas to Hyderabad India, during March or April of 2014.

  196. I’m trying to travel to Europe this summer with my husband and two daughters. I’d like to leave june 13th and return the weekend of July 4th. We’re hoping to visit Ireland, Paris, Copenhagen or London. I’m wondering if it’s even possible to get 4 saver seats to europe on those dates? I have 150,ooo Saphire reward points and 40,ooo United points for myself and another 40,000 for my husband. Each child also has 25,000 points but I don’t know if it’s possible to transfer Saphire points into your childs mileage account? Any tips for how to accomplish this herculean task?

    Thank you

    • It’s dicey to transfer to anyone but your spouse, but 230k is almost enough. Fill out the form and we’ll be happy to help.

  197. I’m hoping to take a trip from SFO to Rome in early April. I don’t have the points yet, but which non-United airline would you recommend I try to accumulate them in for this trip? (I’ve had too many negative United experiences to go back to them.)

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  199. Two people to Japan from the Midwest in late March 2015 [not this March] for two weeks. We will need to fly into Osaka and out of Toyko, using Delta miles. We would like to fly business class, and we want to avoid long layovers. Our dates won’t be flexible, because we are meeting a tour, although we could probably add a day at either end. My question: Is this something your booking service can help with? Or are our parameters so specific that we will be stuck with whatever the Delta rep can find for us?

  200. Just a quick question.
    In your award booking service description you say you put awards on HOLD for us to book. The United people told me you can’t hold awards, you just have to book them and redeposit the miles if it doesn’t work out….!!??

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  202. If I use your service, is that fee “reimbursable” via my Barclays’ card? :-) I guess it’s a question of if you are considered Travel Agencies & Tour Operators?

    I would love it if so…..

    • I like the idea, but unfortunately not because our payments are processed by PayPal, so that’s what’ll show up on your statement.

  203. Scott,
    On a flight from the U.S. to Europe and back, is it possible,feasible to use points to purchase a business class fare for just the international leg of the flight?

    • Yes, but with all the main programs (except British Airways), you pay the business class price for that direction whether all flights are biz or just the international.

  204. Hi Scott,

    I want to use my United miles to book an award for someone else who is not a US citizen. Do you need any additional info besides their full name, DOB, and gender?


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  208. Hi,

    I am looking to travel round trip between NYC-CCU sometime in May for 14 nights? My current mileage is as follows:

    1. Emirates (26,000) I am a gold member though
    2. Membership Rewards (30,000)
    3. Chase Ultimate Rewards (50,000)
    4. Kris Flyer (19,000)

    Any realistic chance of using these miles for an award ticket?

    • 42.5k United miles is enough for one way. Ultimate Rewards transfer 1:1 to United.
      52.5k Singapore miles is enough for one way (though you will pay hefty fuel surcharges (maybe up to $500). Membership Rewards transfer 1:1. You’d be a little short.

      BTW, don’t credit Singapore flights to Singapore. Credit them to United, where they’ll be more valuable.

  209. Hello, we are a family of 5 (3 kids) and are looking to spend 3-4 weeks in Europe this summer, any time between late June to the end of July. We’d depart from LAX. We don’t have a ton of points, but I’m hoping that our openness in terms of destination might give us options. We have 210,000 award points with AmEx. Is it feasible to think we can get 60,000 RT award seats? Obviously, we can’t cover all the seats but if we could get three or four we’d be thrilled. Also, is it worth it to wait the necessary time (whatever that is) to apply for cards? Please advise if you think it’s worth it proceed to the form with you. Thanks. Gia

    • I think we have a good chance of helping you. It’s up to you whether you want to book three now or get one card, meet its minimum spending requirement and book four in a month or two. Booking now is safer in terms of space being available.

  210. Hi, Scott,
    Thanks for such a fast response. We’ll come up with a prioritized list of preferences and get back to you via your form.

    One more question: can we speak on the phone in addition to just sending you all of our info?

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  213. I have just started reading your blog…great stuff!…and subscribing to your daily emails. I am trying to surprise my wife with an anniversary travel gift. We are planning to visit SE Asia–specifically Thailand and Laos–and I want to see if I can help allay her anxiety with such a long trip by getting First Class/Business Class tix on Cathay Pacific [or...?] to Bangkok. We live in ALB but could also fly out of JFK or EWR. I am also hoping it might be possible to get a 2-3 day stopover in Hong Kong on the way home. Mileage: AA…88,000; USAirways…165,000; Turkish Airlines…17,000; United…85,000. Any thoughts? Many thanks!

    • 55k AA miles per person per direction for business, 67.5k for first. On March 31, 2014, the US Airways miles will be able to book Cathay flights at a rate of 120k r/t in business and 160k r/t in first. We haven’t gotten any word on whether you’ll be able to combine AA and US balances. If not, you will not have enough miles. If so, you will. As a backup, you can just get your AA balance up 22k more miles and have enough in each account to book one business class r/t on March 31 for travel later in the year.

  214. My question is what is difference with me calling and you getting the seats I need?

    Please reply

    • We are better than phone agents. They aren’t as skilled as we are at award searching, nor are they incentivized to help you at all like we are.

  215. Hi Scott: we want to used your award booking services for a trip during May 2015 but we will like to let you know the amount of miles we have collected so far to see if we need more miles as we will like to fly first or business class. the trip will be a cruise with Viking from Friday may 1,2015 to May 16,2015 from Barcelona to Bergen and we live in Chicago. my friend has 22,000 AA and 45,000 capital one I have 184,000 AA 43,734 Barclay arrival, 70,922 Starwood , 41,297 U.S. Airways, 50,000 Avios from British .


    • You have enough AA plus Starwood to book the two of you a r/t business (100k per person) or first class award (125k per person). Please contact us in June 2014, 11 months before your preferred return date.

  216. will do thanks

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  218. Hi Scott –

    I’m interested in doing the 90K business class USAirways trip to Asia with as many stopovers as we can get. How many stopovers would that be? Is this something your service would be able to do? There are two people and we’d like to do it Jan or Feb 2014. Realize that we must do this soon. Thank you!

    • One stopover greater than 24 hours plus one destination greater than 24 hours. You can have a few layovers under 24 hours if you’d like.

  219. I just sent a request to your booking service, but I am curious. Is there a time when UA opens up more Saver seats? I am looking for Europe travel in July. Is what I see now as good as it will get?

  220. I have 265k Delta skymiles and trying to book 3 RT tickets from HYD to IAD starting in first week of July 2014 and returning in third week of Nov 2014. Can it be done?

  221. Can you please give me advice on the best way to use miles to go to Rome. We are a family of 4 & I have 100,000 miles on British Airways, 200,000 miles on American, and 300,000 Ultimate Rewards points thank you so much

  222. I’d like to find United saver economy award seats and pay to upgrade to economy plus on a trip from Denver to Florence 10-2-14 and return Rome to Denver 10-13-14. Since I want to upgrade to Economy plus, does that open up more opportunity to find saver awards?


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  224. Hi, interested in going from SFO to Buenos Aires with my wife and son for 3 weeks in October but Unites seems to have zero saver availability. Your thoughts? We have 247,000 United miles and about to get 50K more.

  225. I am planning on sending you information for a trip but will not have access to the internet starting tomorrow for several days, should I wait until I get back to start the process?

  226. I just got an e-mail from American regarding the elimination of the around the world awards!!!! I was planning on reaching out to you guys for help with a RTW trip on American after reading several of your articles on the subject. I have 200k American miles (150k of those on the way from CC bonuses from my first ever apporama in Feb), 550k delta miles, 740k Starpoints. over 100K AMEX points and minor balances in other programs. I wanted to travel for four months, Sept – Dec…but the changes go into effect today for travel after June 1st. Would there be a way to book now and take the first leg before June 1 and the remaining legs later? Can’t believe this.

  227. I just got an e-mail from American regarding the elimination of the around the world awards!!!! I was planning on reaching out to you guys for help with a RTW trip on American after reading several of your articles on the subject. I have 200k American miles (150k of those on the way from CC bonuses from my first ever apporama in Feb), 550k delta miles, 740k Starpoints. over 100K AMEX points and minor balances in other programs. I wanted to travel for four months, Sept – Dec…but the changes go into effect today for travel after June 1st. Would there be a way to book now and take the first leg before June 1 and the remaining legs later? Can’t believe this just happened.

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  231. Gayll Phifer-Houseman

    I have two kids in college (one in Vancouver and the other in Boston) and we live near San Francisco. Using your free-one-way strategy is it possible to book pennies on the dollar award travel for these back and forth flights? They each have at least 3 RT flights/year.

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  233. Scott:

    I asked a question several weeks ago, but never received a reply. You have since answered another question dated after I asked mine. Did you receive my question about upgrades on Cathay?

  234. I also have had no response to two questions that I put forth recently….
    Previously, I was contacted by a Lady once…….then never rec’d a follow up ?
    I realize you are very busy with all the changes……but…..

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  236. Carla Theriot

    My Son Needs a bullet Pass.. Japan Air Rail Pass. Is there a cheaper way to do it. The 21 day is $580 or something like that. Have you seen anyway to get that cheaper or anything? Or if I pay for it what card should I use and just reimburse for it or something?

    • Scott Grimmer

      I don’t know anything about these. However you can redeem Arrival miles for free train tickets. If you get the Arrival Plus, you can get $500 off that train ticket –>

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  238. I want to visit Koh Samui, Thailand in August (from LAX). Is there any way to do this for under 100k miles in a premier cabin? Or am I stuck in economy?
    I have been searching on my own for weeks and wondering if I will get better seats is I use your service.
    I could use a combination of miles from United/Miles and More/Sapphire/Starwood/American/US Airways/Delta

    • Scott Grimmer

      Some of those are combinable and some not. To answer your question,there is no way to do it for 100k, but you can do business for 110k. Please break out your individual balance by program, and I’ll tell you if you have enough.

      • Thanks for your quick response Scott!
        United 57/Miles and More 16/Sapphire 31/Starwood 40/American 31/US Airways 45/Delta 36
        I’ve also got Alaska 26 and jet blue 24 but i dont think those do international

        • Scott Grimmer

          With 80k United miles, you can go one way in business class. Do not transfer the Sapphire’s points yet, but 23k of those points plus 57k United miles is enough.

          With 55k AA miles, you can go the other way in business class. Transferring 20k Starwood to AA would give you enough. This transfer is not instant, so if you want to hire us, you need to make this transfer before we award search.

          These mileage amounts presume Saver award space is available.

        • my bad: united 17 /M&M 56

  239. Aloha Scott
    I need to do some mileage runs this year, there are three trips I have to take and was going to use miles from UA and AA. however it would behoove me to make it to Platinum on United again this year. right now I have only 6,000 EQM on united. I know your service has to do with managing miles but I am wondering if this would be something you would also do? I live on Kauai. I am semi retired and pretty much have the next six months to travel.
    The three trips I have to do are these
    1. LIH to ATH aug 24, TLV to LIH sept 19th
    2, LIH to DUB oct 12th, MAN to BKK oct 27th, BKK to HNL
    3. HNL to BKK dec 12th
    I read some where there is a way to string a bunch of trips together to maximze getting EQM
    It would be great if you could help me.

    • Scott Grimmer

      Thanks for the inquiry. We do not help with mileage runs. We only help book award tickets with award miles. Good luck.

  240. Scott:

    I posted the same valid question several times in this forum. Both times the question were ignored while other questions, some very lengthy and only fishing for free info, were answered promptly. The intention of my question was to hire you to obtain an award, and just needed clarification on an issue before proceeding. However, since you couldn’t spend the 30 seconds to answer my question I will look elsewhere to hire a service. Have a good day.

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  242. Hi there. My husband and I would like to go to Buenos Aires next year for our anniversary, from Austin, Texas, and we want to fly business class for at least the long-haul portion. Flexible within April/May of 2015. I’ve got 52k United points, 148k Chase UR points, and 17k AA points. So we’re a bit short for the 220k needed for BC savers on United.

    I’m contemplating either opening up another Chase card to get the remaining UR points (that I could transfer to United) or opening the Citi Executive AA to get the 100k points and doing United there and AA back. Problem is, when I look, I don’t see saver awards on EITHER airline.

    Is it likely that if we used your service you’d be able to find us saver-level BC awards?

  243. can I used your award booking services to book one way only or it has to be roundtrip? if so what is the cost in either case?

    • $125 per person per award if roundtrip or one way. Sometimes we give discounts for multiple awards booked for one general trip. Please fill out the form to get a quote for your trip.

  244. will do next month, thanks

  245. Would a one way economy class to Malaysia from California be feasible with 50,000 delta miles? Preferably without an insane amount of layovers. I also have 32,000 in AA miles.


    • Scott Grimmer

      Delta charges the roundtrip price on one way awards, so 50,000 isn’t enough. 35k AA miles is enough and there are better partners to/from Malaysia.

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  250. Hi Scott
    How many miles for a Cathay Pacific FirstClass trip from Los Angeles to Johannesburg? I would like to have a stopover in Hong Kong.

  251. Thanks Scott for your quick response,
    I have 100,000 AA Miles, 60,000 Alaska Air Miles and 52,000 Avios miles. Could I possibility get a roundtrip to Johannesburg with a stop over in Hong Kong? Can I combine miles to secure a first class roundtrip.

    • Scott Grimmer

      No. It would cost 137,500 AA miles one way on this routing. You don’t have enough for one way in any single program, and miles can never be combined across airline programs.

  252. Scott,
    I meant to say that I have 25,000 Alaska Air mile and 60,000 US Air miles.
    Thanks again for your continued support.

  253. Scott, is a business class ticket from San Antonio to Athens in the lower mile bracket during second or third week of July? On Delta or United. For Delta my account is platinum (but I will not be the traveller) for United I don’t have any special membership.

    • Scott Grimmer

      Please fill out the form and we can begin searching. You don’t pay if we don’t find something that meets your needs.

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  257. Hi Scott,
    Four of us want to visit JNB and CPT next June in Business Class. We have US airways points. What is the best route and how early we need to book it?
    Does South Africa Airways discountinue with US airways on 7/31/2014?
    Please help. Thanks.

    • Scott Grimmer

      The best way is on South African. There is no known end date for that partnership. You should look to book as soon as you know your dates. Please fill out this form and we’ll be happy to get started.

  258. Hi Scott, We stay now at KJA (Russia) and have AA miles.
    Can you book KJA-DME(S7)-LHR(BA)-DXB-SYD(QF) on one itinerary?
    AA allow this travel? Thanks.

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  260. I have just started to read and really understand how it all works. I have the united card and got 50,000 points and got a rt ticket to Ireland.
    Should I keep the card or cancel it?
    What cards should I get if I want to travel to France;Italy; and Vietnam/Thailand next year?
    I will hire you to do the planning, etc!
    Thank you,


  261. I just book a flight LAX, stopover in New York, then on to Italy using the Mile Value Booking Service. Chris was amazing! He dealt with all the nuances I threw at him with regards to date limitations, “Business class or better in a go completely flat seat, into one airport/out of another, “can we add another day here”, “can we leave a day earlier and stay in this city for an extra day”, etc. and set me up with great flights using saver awards. I’m sure he saved me days of searching for flights and thousands of award miles.

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  263. I love your website!
    I am planning a trip to SE Asia for July 2015. I will need two rt tickets. I’d like to fly Business if possible. I have 42,800 AA, 121,65o US Airways, and 48,000 Chase Sapphire. What would you suggest for any additional points we would need?

  264. Hey MileValue,

    I’m trying to find business class award space from LAX to Singapore over the week of Thanksgiving (roughly Nov 21 – Nov 30, +/- a few days). Any suggestions? I know it’s only 2 months out so award space might be hard to come by, and I’m amenable to connecting through a hub in Asia (ICN, TPE, NRT, etc.), but I haven’t been able to find anything ideal.

    I have a lot of miles in several different currencies, but I’m sitting on a hoard of United miles that I would really like to burn first before any other currency.


  265. Hello Scott,

    I’m looking for flat or fully reclined Business class LAX-HNL. (SFO-HNL also possible).

    Do you know what airlines would work? I have United, Delta, BA and AA miles.

    Also wondering the best way to do LAX-TYO with a free stop in Honolulu.


    • 1. None, LAX-HNL, one United flight per day from SFO-HNL.
      2. No way on a one way award. Any miles can do that on a roundtrip award.

  266. Hi Scott,
    My wife and I will be taking 2 trips from Seattle to Europe (England summer 2015 & Italy summer 2016) We want to travel business or first class using miles but might travel coach for the England trip this summer. We DEFINATELY want to save enough miles for a real travel experience to Italy in 2016 (of course we can accumulate more miles before then through credit card applications)
    Enclosed is our current balance. Do you think we have enough for at least business class for both trips?
    AA – me: 100,497, wife: 165,927
    Alaska – me: 130,576, wife: 28,437
    United – me: 111,352, wife: 163,000
    Delta – me: 141,253
    SPG – me: 179,000, wife: 38,364
    Chase Sapphire – wife: 154,926
    Chase Ink – wife: 78907
    British Air – wife: 125,328 (probably will save for short trips)
    Lufthanza – me: 50,000 ??

    We have heard great reports about you service and would consider using you to help us find a great travel experience.


    • Yes, you already have enough for 2x business on both trips. Fill out the form when you’re ready to book summer 2015, which is bookable now.

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  268. Two of us are looking for Business Class seats from LAX to DAR – round trip for September/October 2015. We each have 170,00 United miles and 130,000 AA miles. We would prefer to route with Swiss Air through Zurich. Can you book Swiss Air seats using United miles without going through the United system? There are flights showing on the United system but no availability for Award seats on our preferred flights.

    • All Swiss space available to United miles displays on If you don’t see it, you can’t book it. Swiss releases very little Business Class award space.

  269. Scott -

    I am planning a trip next year in September from either NYC or Boston to Paris for a week continuing on to Tokyo for another week or so before heading back to NYC/Boston. I recently cashed in my Marriott points for a 7 night hotel + air for the hotel in Paris and have the following FF balances:
    US Air: 270k
    AA: 72k
    Chase Sapphire: 200k

    I was hoping to utilize US Air’s lax routing rules before the merger takes full effect in Q2. When should I look to start booking?


  270. I have USAirways miles and trying to book Paris from US on flat bed seats next fall! I see BA open skies from New York, but also see a lot of bad reviews and comments about OLD planes …how does it compare to USAirways flat bed seats, food, etc? Have you flown it? If I fly on AA/ba connecting in London is that better seats/planes and how much would taxes /fees increase over open skies?

    • You can figure out how much extra it will be by going to the booking screen. I haven’t flown US Airways Business or AA Business, so I can’t compare them. You’ll just have to read the reviews and go with your gut.

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