Brazil Visa Requirements Waived for US Citizens

Until mid March, Brazil required that all US Citizens visiting Brazil--even those visiting less than 90 days--obtain a visa that required both money and time to get. In 2018 Brazil made it easier to obtain by giving us the option to process the visa online and dropped the price from $160 to $40.

As of June 17, 2019, all US citizens can visit Brazil for up to 90 days for free without any official documents aside from a passport. Brazil's new president Jair Bolsonaro made the move to drop visa requirements before visiting the US earlier in March.

Tuscany Trip Report: Part III

Today I'm going to wrap up a trip report I started with you guys back in January, on a three week adventure through Tuscany with my boyfriend and parents. If you haven't read Parts I and II, I recommend doing so before reading today's post.

Tuscany Trip Report: Part I 

Tuscany Trip Report: Part II

Tuscany Trip Report: Part III (this post)

I took too long in general to write this trip report, as it's now March and I took this trip in September. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Where I’ve Been: Brazil & Patagonia

Hey MileValue readers!

I've been experiencing a rough patch over the last month with my health that I would like to dive into with you guys when I'm ready. That moment isn't now, but it will come. And as I'm sure many of you can relate to, I've been sick while traveling. While I've had gorgeous environments to relax in and am not complaining about that, it's ultimately been stressful to be unsettled away from home. But life happens, and sometimes you just have to adjust.

Confessions of Delinquent Miles & Points Collectors: Part III

By Amy M. Gardner and Keith R. Sbiral

This is Part III of our series on how we used miles and points to make possible a 10 week, round-the-world trip in 2018. 

If you missed Part I, you can check it out here.You can find Part II (on airlines) here. 

In Part III we will discuss hotels and accommodations.  For more information on photography, photographers, and places we traveled, please check out

Confessions of Delinquent Miles & Points Collectors: Part II

Welcome to Part II of a three part series about why and how Amy M. Gardner and Keith R. Sbiral planned a heavily subsidized 10 week round-the-world trip to 15 countries, thanks to the power of miles and points. We hope you take this story as inspiration to travel more! Check out Amy and Keith's content and beautiful photography featured on their blog Red Dot Blue Dot, which you'll learn was of central importance on this journey.

This post focuses on the planning and execution of flights.

Fly Roundtrip to Japan in a Flat Bed for Just 90k Points

Did you know that it only costs 90 to 95k Virgin Atlantic miles to fly All Nippon Airways Business Class between the United States and Japan? And only 110 to 120k to fly in ANA First Class?

Those are roundtrip mileage prices. Not one way.

To give you some perspective, it costs 160k United miles to fly ANA Business roundtrip US to Japan, or 180k United miles roundtrip in ANA First.

Confessions of Delinquent Miles & Points Collectors: Part I

At the end of December, I sent out a request for reader contributions. I want to thank everyone who reached out to me in January with their ideas and stories. Your enthusiasm is inspiring! I am happy to say that I got enough of a response that I plan on publishing plenty of reader experiences in the future.

Tuscany Trip Report: Part II

I left off with my family and I driving south from Tuscany towards Pienza. Our route was scenic and not direct on purpose. You can take the highways to get places faster but why do so when half the enjoyment in this part of Italy are the drives?

If you haven't, read Part I of this trip report before continuing below. I thought this would be a two-part series, but I underestimated how much I have to say about Tuscany... so lucky you as there will be three installments instead of two. Today, Pienza and the surrounding area.

Tuscany Trip Report: Part I

Two summers ago I spent a month in Italy, primarily on the Adriatic coast, and told you all about it in a series of trip reports:

Trip Report: Puglia (Apulia) Italy Part I 
Trip Report: Puglia (Apulia) Italy Part II
Trip Report: Puglia (Apulia) Italy Part III

The coast of Puglia's stunning waters. Spiaggia de Porto Verde.

I went back to Italy last summer, this time with my boyfriend and parents.

Invitation for Reader Contributions

Hey guys! I would like to incorporate more of your experiences using travel rewards into MileValue's blog content.

My idea is to feature roughly one reader per month who wants to share their experience collecting or redeeming travel rewards--or even better--their experience on the flight or in the vacation destination that their miles got them to.

Lofoten, Norway lies above the Arctic circle and is the dreamiest destination I've ever seen.