New Rule When Applying for Bank of America Credit Cards

After enough data points and confirmation from a reliable source, Doctor of Credit has outlined a new rule to follow when applying for Bank of America credit cards.

Do Singapore Awards Flying Alaska Price per Segment?

A few days ago I wrote about the award chart Singapore Krisflyer just published for flying their newest partner Alaska Airlines.

I noted that within Singapore's list of conditions for the chart is a confusing line prohibiting "transfers"...

...which leads one to believe that awards will price per segment. It’s not totally clear, however, that a transfer and a connection (i.e. layover) are the same thing--most people don't call layovers or connections transfers. There are prices on the award chart that seem just a little too cheap if "transfers" (layovers) were indeed permitted, though.

Singapore Publishes Award Chart to Fly Alaska: Great Price to Hawaii!

Singapore Airlines has published an award chart for flying their newest partner Alaska Airlines, and there are a lot of excitingly low prices. This is especially exciting as Singapore miles are one of the easiest to collect.

Alaska & Singapore Partner Up

Alaska Airlines and Singapore Airlines have announced a new partnership.

The Cheapest You Will See Alaska Miles On Sale (50% Bonus)

Through October 5, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET, you can buy Alaska Airlines miles with up to a 50% bonus. It is a targeted offer, but it looks to be pretty widespread from what I can see. Log in to your account through this link to see your offer.

The current bonus is as high as we've ever seen it--don't expect to buy Alaska miles cheaper than this (if you are indeed targeted for the 50% bonus).
How the Bonus Works
The sale is structured as a bonus on the normal number of miles you’d receive.

The bonus

All About Alaska: 5 Promotions to Earn Easy Miles!

Alaska Mileage Plan's marketing team has been busy. That's good news for us, as it means it's easy to earn a lot of bonus miles right now.

Earn Double Miles on Almost 50 Routes
Dash for Miles Challenge

MileagePlan Dining Bonus
Back to School Shopping Portal Bonus
The Opinion Terminal Survey Bonus

There's even a 150k Alaska miles giveaway tied into completing a survey in the opinion terminal!

You must register for all of them (less the giveaway) prior to any other action to qualify for each's bonus miles.

Award Space on 20k Flights to Europe and South America, 25k to Asia

Recently I updated "You Can Still Book on the Old American Airlines with Alaska or Etihad Miles" with the amazing news that 16 months after American Airlines devalued its award chart, Etihad and Alaska still let you book American Airlines flights at the old rates.

The best rates on the old American Airlines chart were off peak awards.

You Can Still Book on Old American Airlines Chart with Alaska or Etihad Miles

Still alive 16 months later. How long will it last?

On March 22, 2016, the American Airlines devaluation struck.

However, you can still book American Airlines flight at the old prices if you use Alaska or Etihad miles.

Award Space Picture to Hawaii Right Now on 12,500 Avios Flights

Flights from the West Coast to Hawaii on American or Alaska are 12,500 British Airways Avios

This is The Cheapest You Will See Alaska Miles On Sale

REMINDER: Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of this sale! 

Through July 1, 11:59 PM ET, you can buy Alaska Airlines miles with up to a 50% bonus. It is a targeted offer, but it looks to be pretty widespread from what I can see. Log in to your account at this link to see your offer.
How the Bonus Stacks Up Historically
Very occasionally we've seen a 50% bonus on Alaska miles, but only to a more highly targeted market.