New Freedom Unlimited Offer: 3% Back on Everything for 1 Year

Chase has a new offer for their Freedom Unlimited card. At the price of no sign up bonus (the normal offer comes with $150 cash back), you get 3% cash back on ALL purchases for the first year you hold the card.

Freedom Unlimited: 3% back on all purchases for first year of card membership

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10x For Hotels/Cars on Freedom & Freedom Unlimited in March

During the month of March, charging a hotel or car rental reservation to your Chase Freedom or Freedom Unlimited Card will earn you 10 Ultimate Rewards per dollar spent. The cap on the promotion is $2,500, so the maximum Ultimate Rewards you can earn is 25,000 per card.

These Are the Two Cards to Get If Just Starting with Miles

If you’re just getting started you need to get the most powerful combo of credit cards to earn miles. I’ve discussed the general strategy to maximize miles from credit cards over your lifetime recently, but let me be very specific for beginners.

Start with the Freedom Unlimited and Sapphire Reserve. While you’re at it, get the Ink Business Preferred if you have more spending capacity and a business. I recommend these 2-3 cards because:

They earn Ultimate Rewards, which transfer to seven types of airline miles, which can book over 60 airlines’ award space.
They complement each other.

Freedom vs. Freedom Unlimited. Better Card?

Chase recently launched the new Freedom Unlimited credit card at the same time that it offers the original Freedom card. Which is better?

First I’ll compare the cards for potential new applicants. I’ll break down the comparison by:

value of points
sign up bonus
everyday spending & category bonuses
annual fee

Then I’ll answer what types of people should keep one or the other.
Value of Points
The Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited earn Ultimate Rewards.

New Freedom Unlimited: $150 Sign Up Bonus, 1.5% Cash Back on All Purchases (1.5 Miles Per Dollar through Freedom Two Step)

The Chase Freedom Unlimited now offers a $150 bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in your first three months from account opening and 1.5% cash back on all purchases with no annual fee.

That's great and all, but you can actually turn the sign up bonus into 15,000 airline miles and earn 1.5 miles per dollar on all purchases with several top programs including United through the Freedom Two Step, which will be explained in detail below.

This is very different from the original Chase Freedom, which offers 1% back on all purchases and 5% back on rotating