What’s in my Wallet: Travis Cormier

When Matt suggested I share what cards I have right now for the What’s in My Wallet article series, I laughed. If he could see my Ziploc bag full of cards, he would know how long this article would need to be! Instead, he suggested we just go over what’s in my wallet.

Lucky for you, I just finished cleaning out my wallet in January. Last year was a bit of a wash for me in points and miles.

What’s in My Wallet: Anya Kartashova

To keep the What’s In My Wallet series going—and so that we can actually call this a series—I’ll go next and take you on a socially distanced tour of my wallet.

Some of my credit cards have high annual fees. Some have mid-range fees. Others are no-fee cards. Every card I apply for serves a purpose, and once that purpose is served, I decide whether to keep it or cancel.

What’s in My Wallet: Anna Zaks

Welcome to What’s in My Wallet article series! I’ll go first and start by sharing with you which credit cards I use regularly, which cards I keep just for the perks and benefits and which cards are on the chopping block.