The winner of the free $67 AA Gift Card is my twitter follower @GlennLader.






If you want to be bored by how I picked the winner, I numbered the comments on the post 1-43, and my twitter followers 44-153.

Free Giveaway: $67 AA Gift Card

If you're new to MileValue, welcome! You should click the Start Here tab on the top of the page; it tells you the best place to start depending on your skill level. Check back daily because in the next few days I'll be revealing how to get free oneways on US Airways and Delta awards!

Occasionally I give away something awesome like a gift card or lounge passes; it's another reason to check MileValue daily. On to the giveaway:

I’m giving away a $67 virtual American Airlines gift card.

Free Giveaway Winner

Congrats to my twitter follower @fdmerrill for being selected as the winner of the $66 AA gift card. Thanks to everyone who entered in one or several ways. The good news for those who didn't win this or the United Club pass I gave away a few weeks back is that the giveaways are just beginning.

Expect regular chances to win awesome things right here. I anticipate giving away a few $67 AA gift cards and some Membership Rewards points in the near future.

Free Giveaway Friday- $66 American Airlines Gift Card

If you're new to milevalue, welcome! If you're a newbie in the points game, you may want to catch up with my in-progress series for beginners called Free First Class Next Month. It is a series of two-minute posts that will take you from where you are to a nascent miles expert in one month.

If you're already pretty well-versed, you might want to check out my systematic valuation series on Avios, AAdvantage, Rapid Rewards, and my future ones on United, Delta, US Airways, Hawaiian, Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, and others.

Email List and United Club Pass Winner

By popular demand, I've started an email list. You can sign up on the right side bar. Hopefully soon, I'll start a daily email of the posts to those on the email list. And I'll use the list in case of a breaking mistake fare! Sign up right now.

The winner of the random drawing for the free United Club pass was Ridiculous Nicholas, and I've emailed him. I'm sure most of you are hoping he doesn't respond, so you can get another crack at it.

Free United Club Pass and Welcome to

I'll get to the free United Club Pass in a minute, but first, to the readers of Million Mile Secrets, welcome to This blog is a must read for anyone interested in frequent flier miles and travel:

1) Beginners- Welcome to the miles game. You may never have to pay for a flight again. And if you want to fly for free in seven-foot beds at the front of the plane to exotic destinations, you can do that too! You'll want to start with my Free First Class Next Month series that started today just below this post.