Three Ways to Beat the February 2014 United Miles Devaluation on Premium Cabin Awards

UA Insider posted news of the United miles devaluation on Halloween night. See my full coverage: United Massively Devalues Its Award Chart Starting February 1, 2014.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

UA Insider stuck around to answer some follow up questions people posted, and in doing so illuminated three ways to beat the upcoming United Miles Devaluation.

What are the three ways to beat the United MileagePlus devaluation coming in February 2014? What one announcement surprised me as particularly customer friendly?


Eight Silver Linings of Today’s Massive United Mile Devaluation

The massive devaluation of United miles that I first reported earlier today is unambiguously bad news for miles collectors.

Don't flame the comments of this post by saying I am calling it a good thing. The devaluation and introduction of a second chart are bad things, very bad things.

But there are some pieces of good news or relative good news in the devaluation, and this post will focus on those.

What are the eight silver linings in today's disastrous United devaluation?


United Massively Devalues Its Award Chart Starting February 1, 2014

Late last night, United massively devalued its award chart for redemptions from February 1, 2014 on.

United has split its one award chart into two new ones: one if all segments are on United planes, the other--far more expensive in some cases--if you use partner segments.

Some First Class redemptions will increase 130k miles per person roundtrip.

Southwest Massively Devalues Its Rapid Rewards Points

Southwest Rapid Rewards points used to be worth 1.69 cents each. Starting March 31, 2014, they will be worth about 1.44 cents each.

What is the exact devaluation?

Among the Six Types of Frequent Flyer Miles, Southwest has a fixed-value program. For every dollar of the "Wanna Get Away?" base fare, you have to spend 60 Rapid Rewards for an award ticket.

So a $220 Southwest ticket with a $200 base fare would be 12,000 Rapid Rewards + $5 in taxes as an award.