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Earn airline miles, hotel points, flexible points transferrable to numerous airline and hotel loyalty programs, travel purchase credits, or money to use towards travel pruchases. These cards offer a variety of reward structures to benefit anyone who travels regularly.

For the frequent flyer that patrons a specific airline, airline co-branded cards earn miles and elite status faster. Get free checked bags, lounge access, in-flight discounts, and more.

Along with increased point earning rates, hotel co-branded cards offer a fast track to elite status so you can get more free upgrades and perks like hotel lounge access. You’ll even earn free nights after your cardmember anniversary bonus and for meeting spending thresholds.


The standard fee for foreign transactions is around 3%. Avoid paying extra to use your card abroad.

Organize your business expenses with a dedicated card to make taxes easier, and get majorly rewarded for doing so! Fortune 500 listing not required (nor EIN). Modeled to benefit small businesses, these cards reward consumers that spend in categories like advertising on social media and search engines, shipping, internet/cable/phone services, office supply stores, restaurants, travel, and more.

Who doesn’t like free? Great for beginners, less frequent travelers, or those that just want simple cash back. A few even earn points you can move to other accounts to increase their value.

The simplest way to get a return on your spending, cash back cards benefit absolutely everyone. Unless you don’t like money.

Life happens. Sometimes bills pile up. If you find yourself in a minor amount of credit card debt, transfer the balance onto one of these cards that offer long introductory periods of 0% APR. Take a year and a half or more to pay off debt without being punished by accumulating interest.

Everybody’s got to start somewhere. Even if you’ve never had a credit card before or never taken out a loan or a mortgage, you can start building your credit today.

Aimed at helping young people just beginning to build credit, student cards charge no annual fees and often have flexible payment schedules and an introductory period of no interest.

Build your credit score by laying down a small deposit, then pay bills on time each month. Earn access to unsecured lines of credit over time, eventually opening up the realm of more lucrative rewards cards in the future.