MileValue Award Booking Service: Terms & Conditions

Last updated: November 23, 2021

The quoted fee, which will come in a follow up email,  is due if we find an itinerary that fits the criteria entered above, even if you decide not to book the trip, or decide to book cash fares, or split the booking between award and cash fares, or pursue other avenues. The criteria can be modified by both parties via email, so long as both agree that the changes are acceptable prior to any award availability being sent.

We cannot accept liability for any changes that are beyond our control. For instance, airlines sometimes change their schedules. If that happens to your trip, we will do our best to get you back to as close to your original flights as possible. But, we cannot accept liability for costs associated with the airline changing your flights.

Similarly, airlines rarely make errors that are outside of our control. If this happens on your itinerary, we’ll do everything we can to help you get the flights you were anticipating, but we cannot accept liability for airline mistakes.

We cannot accept liability for any costs beyond the fees paid to us. We are not experts on what travel documents are required to complete your trip. You should look into what passport, visa, vaccination, and other requirements there are to complete your trip. We are not liable for any costs incurred because of these requirements or our failure to warn you of them.

Unpaid invoices are considered late after 30 days of nonpayment. Late invoices will invoke an automatic $75 late fee and may be sent to a collection agency if unpaid after 90 days.

Any significant changes after award availability has been found are subject to a change in pricing. Changes include changes in destinations, dates, number of travelers, and points available. If availability has already been found and a change is requested, the initial fee quoted in this email is due whether or not availability that meets the new request is found. If the search has been started but no availability has been sent, 50% of the original fee is due, plus whatever additional amount is quoted for the new search.

Most importantly: we want you to be ecstatic about the trip we help you book, and we want you to enjoy it! 

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