• It could… I’m not sure. I usually advise people to wait out their applications if they get a pending response, but if this isn’t your first rodeo, you could give it a shot. Chase reps are known for being aggressive on the recon calls so have some good answers prepped for their likely questions.

      Do you have an existing relationship with Chase? If you do and live near a branch, go in and see if you’re pre-approved.

      • I went in my local branch and got approved instantly. The guy at the bank said 5/24 isn’t a hard rule but more of a “guideline.”

        • Same thing happened to me. I have >20 CC pulls in the past 24 months but I approached a banker at the branch. He submitted my application and it was approved instantly.

          He also said that the 100K offer never goes away in the branch. It’s an unintentional secret. He said they reward people who give them an opportunity to discuss other products at the same time.

          It might have helped me that my refinanced mortgage was just sold to Chase, at my request.

          • That’s the first I’ve heard of a permanent 100k offer in-branch. Let’s hope that’s true!

  1. I went to the branch and they told me it was 50k points for the sapphire reserve… has anyone been successful for the 100k this month?

  2. Husband just turned down, in branch, despite banker trying very hard with the reconsideration line. 50+ yrs with Chase as primary bank, 830 credit score, more than $150,000 in Chase deposit accts, 5 cards opened in 24 months, never “churned”a card. 2% credit utilisation, 6 figure income. So much for customer being very very loyal to a bank….you are nothing to them!

  3. I got my first card turn down ever as well. I went in branch a few weeks ago for 100,000 sign up. I was barely not going to make the cut off of being under 5/24 so I took a shot. The last card I got was last May. Oh well. Targeted Amex offer followed. SCORE!


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