1. Instead of closing my Citi Premier 3+ years ago, I product changed to the Thank you preferred. Will I be able to get the 50000 bonus on Premier again? Product changing with Citi seems to be a grey area and Citi bonus rules are very confusing. I would hate to apply, do the spend and get no bonus reward. I have no confidence that I would get a correct answer by calling Citi asking a CSR.

      • If you have the same credit card number on your downgrade as you did on your Premier or Prestige, and you haven’t opened or close a ThankYou Prestige, Premier, or Preferred in the last 24 months, then I think it’s probable you are eligible for the bonus on this Premier card again. I cannot give you a definitive answer but that I think so.

  2. How many Citi CC can a person safely have and still get approved for an new product? I have two Citi CCs (two different AA cards), will CitiBank approve me for this one? My last Thank You card was cancelled back in 2013.

  3. I did find that if you call in and have your old Prestige or Premier card numbers they can tell you exactly when you opened and closed the card. I may call today and see if I can get clarification on this.

    • That’s the best tracking spreadsheet I’ve ever seen. thank you!
      You made my day.
      You said this is an example. what others are you aware of?
      or, is this the best of the lot?

    • Donald,

      My spreadsheet is very similar. I have found the date I closed a card is not always the date that Citi, Amex, etc. has in their system. Their date is always later than mine. I keep closed cards and open cards on the same spreadsheet so as to keep aware of when one needs to close. I use a cell with the open date plus 10 months to tell me when to close, and then another cell indexed by the rules of the program to tell me when to open again.


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