Has 5/24 Been Extended to all Chase Cards?


It looks as though the Chase 5/24 rule has spread its umbrella to maximum reach. For a while now there were a handful of Chase cards that you could still get approved for despite having opened more than five credit cards in the last 24 months. These were the…

  • World of Hyatt Visa
  • British Airways Visa Signature Card
  • Iberia Visa Signature Card
  • IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card
  • Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Card

I didn’t want to pull the trigger too early on this one… many bloggers already wrote about this news back in mid November. But I wanted to see if more data points showed up pointing towards the new reality that the 5/24 rule applies to all Chase credit cards. Sadly I think we can say with confidence that it does, at least for the first four. I haven’t seen any data points in regards to the Marriott Business card, but I’d assume it applies to that card as well or at least will soon.

The Hyatt's 60k bonus is worth a lot of money. If you regularly stay at Hyatts or see yourself staying at one on a trip soon, don't forgo the Hyatt card.
The Hyatt’s 60k bonus is worth a lot of money. If you regularly stay at Hyatts or see yourself staying at one on a trip soon, like the Hyatt above in Cartagena, Colombia, don’t forgo the Hyatt card.


Chase 5/24 Rule: Once you open five credit cards* from any issuing bank within 24 months, Chase will deny you for their credit cards. 

*You do not need to count business credit cards in this total unless they are issued by Capital One. Chase determines how many cards you’ve opened in the last two years by checking out your credit report. All personal credit cards, as well as all personal credit cards on which you are an authorized user, show up on your personal credit report. Most business credit cards don’t show up on your personal credit report. Anecdotally, Chase also does not count their own business cards in your 5/24 total either.


This news just emphasizes the fact that you should be mindful when applying for credit cards, especially if you’re just dipping your toe in the pond of travel rewards. Read the series I wrote on the first five chase cards you should choose if you are a beginner and haven’t opened any travel credit cards yet (or haven’t in the last two years). And please send the links along to your friends that are interested so they don’t lock themselves out of thousands of dollars of free travel.

The cards I chose for each five card combo did not change with this news. While the Hyatt, British Airways, Iberia, and IHG card are valuable in their own right, I do not think they are as valuable for the average traveler and consumer as those suggested in that series.

Share Your Experiences Below

The way this community is able to piece together news like this, and for the large part most issuing bank rules and restrictions regarding eligibility for credit cards and their sign up bonuses is via people like you sharing what happens them to online. Help all of us about if you have applied for any of the cards above in the last

Bottom Line

It’s not advisable to apply for any Chase credit card if you’ve opened five personal credit cards from any bank in the last 24 months. You used to be able to get away with approvals for the Hyatt, British Airways, Iberia, and IHG cards, but many reporting their experiences online that are above 5/24 have recently been getting denied. It is likely the 5/24 rule has also been expanded to the Marriott Business card as well.

While unsurprising as the tightening of the reigns is the direction the tide shifts over time, this is unwelcome news for many churners. Help your friends that want to get into miles and points by pointing them towards the linked series above, or by directing them towards my Free Credit Card Consultations if they are a specific kind of consumer or traveler.

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  1. How do the arrangements between Chase and the various companies work? Undoubtedly an airline or hotel makes deals with Chase based on the expectation that they will generate a certain amount of revenue from Chase buying their miles/points, and will gain card users that are more likely to interact with their company. As Chase expands 5/24, these companies must find their contracts with Chase worth less. At what point do they start looking around for a different card issuer? At least in the case of American with Citi or of Delta with AMEX, the restrictions focus specifically on people getting the same or closely similar product repeatedly. With Chase, that’s not the case – you may never have had a particular Chase card before, but can’t get it because you have too many other applications, not even necessarily any with Chase. I can see why Chase likes 5/24; I can also see why its partners may not be excited about it.

    • As in you’ve opened five consumer credits in the last 24 months, but still got approved for the IHG card?


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