2 for 1 Transfer Bonus on LifeMiles

Avianca/TACA LifeMiles, a member of the Star Alliance, is offering a 100% bonus on miles transferred between accounts through March 17, 2014.

During the promotion, the cost to transfer each mile is 1.5 cents. For every mile taken out of your account, the transferee receives 2 miles.


I pay $150 to transfer 10k miles to my friend.
My account loses 10k miles.

TACA/Avianca LifeMiles 2 x 1 Sale Means 1.5 Cent Miles

TACA/Avianca LifeMiles are being sold for 1.5 cents until December 30, 2013. The normal price is 3 cents per mile, but LifeMiles is running one of its frequent 2 x 1 sales.

Your LifeMiles account must have already been open on December 3, 2013 to enjoy this promotion.

Bad Deals to Avoid This Week

There were some great deals this week:

US Airways Share Miles with 100% Bonus = 1.13 Cent Dividend Miles
Citi Offering 3 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar on Gas, Groceries, and More.

Buy US Airways Miles for 1.88 Cents and TACA Miles for 1.5 Cents. Worth It?

Two Star Alliance carriers are selling miles at a discount this month.

US Airways will sell you up to 100k Dividend Miles for $1,881.25 (1.88 cents each.)
TACA/Avianca will see you up to 150k LifeMiles for $2,250 (1.5 cents each.)

Is either your ticket to a deeply discounted vacation?

US Airways

US Airways constantly runs its 100% purchase miles bonus. Sometimes the bonus is targeted that month, and sometimes it is open to everyone like the current August bonus.

During the promotions, you can purchase up to 100k US Airways miles for 1.88 cents each.

The Way to Get Singapore Business Class Space Without Fuel Surcharges

The Avianca/TACA LifeMiles program sells miles for around 1.36 cents per mile, which means you can get into luxury seats like Singapore business class beds on an A380 for less than the cost of a paid economy ticket.

LifeMiles selling for 1.3 cents is not new. Scott wrote about that deal in September. Every month or two LifeMiles has a "2 for 1" promo that makes their miles a steal.

Forum Buzz: How to Proceed on the Wyndham 0.8 Cent Airline Mile Deal

Pre-posting update: Wyndham is trying to renege on the deal. A rep posted on FlyerTalk:
Sorry for the confusion everyone. To clarify there were 2 parts to this promotion.
First part were for members who were targeted through email and the dates for that part were August 6, 2012 to October 6, 2012 and completed by October 9, 2012.
Second part is for member's who were targeted through direct mail. Dates for this part are 9/12/12 to 12/31/12 and completed by 1/3/13.
To qualify you need to have been sent the direct mailer and book through the link provided.

Forum Buzz: Why You Shouldn’t Participate in the 250 Taca Miles Portal Deal

According to this very active thread on FlyerTalk, Taca Airlines is offering 250 LifeMiles for each purchase made through its e-shopping portal through October 31st. (Hat Tip Mommy Points.) The most important part of this deal is, according to the terms and conditions, there are NO minimums on purchases. Conceivably, you could order many inexpensive items separately and rack up Taca miles quickly.

Many in the FlyerTalk forum are attempting to order multiple $1 items from various stores in the shopping portal. If everything goes as planned, they will receive 250 miles for each $1 purchase.

Free Giveaway and Nuggets 9.14.12

1) Yesterday's incredible JetBlue deal ends today at 11:59 PM ET. Anyone can get $100 off on a roundtrip fare and enjoy the best economy class in the US. I got a roundtrip from Burbank to Vegas for $25.

2) A reader passed along an email he got from TACA LifeMiles--and I got the same--saying that any activity in his LifeMiles account would result in a 500 mile bonus.

Free First Class Next Month: Star Alliance Award Searches on United.com

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