Free First Class Next Month: Signing Up for Airline and Hotel Programs

Hey there, you're reading an outdated post! The updated series from April 2015 can be found here.

This is the second post in a monthlong series. Each post will take about two minutes to read and may include an action item that takes the reader another two minutes to complete.

Today Only: 30% Off on Southwest Flights

I just got an email with a special one-use code for 30% off flights on The code's use is pretty restrictive, and I have no use for it, so I'll post it here because I think anyone can use it. If you use it, say so in the comments to save someone else the time of typing it in only for it not to work. If you got a code you can't use, leave it here also!

My code is CNFFQRN78T

Like I said, the code is very restrictive.

72 Hours Only: Great Southwest Airlines Sale

Ticket prices are based on distance and include all taxes and fees.

Flights < 501 miles: $49

Flights 501-1300 miles: $99

Flights 1301+ miles: $139

And don't forget that the above oneway prices include two free checked bags.

You must purchase by Thursday. Travel is good Mondays-Thursdays and Saturdays from August 13 - November 14.

With this summer's paid ticket prices, this is an incredible deal on many routes.

Anatomy of an Award: Southwest Airlines. Exploiting the Airtran-Southwest Merger

This is the another post in my Anatomy of an Award series, in which I take a real award I’ve booked and break it down step-by-step to elucidate the award booking process. If you have a real award you’d like to write up in a similar post, please contact me, and you can write a guest post.

I am going to the Chicago Seminars for frequent fliers, being held October 12-14 at an O'Hare Airport hotel.

One Day Sales: JetBlue and Southwest

JetBlue, my favorite coach cabin in the world, and Southwest are both having one day sales that end today, May 15, at 11:59 PM ET.

First the JetBlue sale: Here's a complete list of the city pairs with fares on sale. If you want to fly one of those routes between May 22 and June 21, the deals are generally pretty good. Click on a city pair for black out dates and day-of-the-week restrictions.

Up to 30% Rebate: Triple Points at Five Retailers in Rapid Rewards Mall Unitl Saturday

All deals in this post have expired.

Southwest is having a three-day deal giving triple points on purchases at five retailers. The deal expires 3/31/2012.To access the deal, simply go to The deal is open to all without any special codes, just search for the applicable retailer, and click the Shop Now button.

What's the deal worth? I'll be basing this on my analysis of the value of a Southwest Rapid Rewards point. Since it's a fixed-value program, your value should be the same.

How Much Are Rapid Rewards Points Worth? The Value of Southwest Airlines Points

Update April 1, 2014: This post was written before Southwest's massive devaluation. Now you need 70 points per dollar for Wanna Get Away? fares instead of 60. Now Rapid Rewards are worth about 1.45 cents each.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points are worth 1.69 cents per point. Unlike my calculation of the value of an Avios, the valuation of a Rapid Rewards point does not change based on where you live or your flying preferences because Rapid Rewards is a fixed-value award program.