Review: Krakow, Poland Hotel Guide

Recently I spent three nights in Krakow, Poland at two hotels. I'll be reviewing four hotels in Krakow, based on my stays and their location relative to where you want to spend time in the city.

Before I get to that, let me say that I highly recommend a trip to Krakow. First of all, it's in Poland which I found to be inexpensive, full of delicious food, and brimming with attractive people who spoke some English.

Of course, the English is not as strong as in western or northern Europe.

€35 vs. $35 vs. £35

€35 for one of the twelve beds in this room and a shared bathroom down the hall (St. Christopher's Inn, Paris):

$35 for this room, bathroom, welcome chocolates, and drink voucher (Holiday Inn, Krakow):

How did I get a room for $35? I bought the points from Priority Club for 0.7 cents each and exploited their PointBreaks List of steeply discounted award nights.

Points and know-how are getting me a three-day reprieve from hostels at hostel prices. Now if only the Holiday Inn had as fun of a bar as St.

How to Book Any PointBreaks Hotel for $35/night

This post will tell you how to book any hotel on the list of Priority Club's PointBreaks for only $35 per night.

Whenever Priority Club announces its new list of PointBreaks hotels, the miles' world pays attention. The hotels on the list that may ordinarily cost hundreds of dollars a night go for 5,000 Priority Club points for a limited time. The new list is valid for stays through July 31.

As loyal readers know, I'm not big on hotel rewards programs; I usually get a better deal pricelining as I explained here.