INCREDIBLE: Up to 55,000 Bonus Ultimate Rewards for Opening a Sapphire Preferred and Adding an Authorized User

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There is currently an offer for 50,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards after spending $3k in three months on a new Chase Sapphire Preferred. Plus you can get 5k more points by adding an authorized user.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.20.48 AM

This is one of the absolute best personal card offers on the market, so I would recommend folks jump on this offer before it disappears, which may be very soon, if they’re in the market for a new rewards card.

Where can you apply? What else is different about the offer?

Slickdeals points to this application landing page offering 50k bonus Ultimate Rewards instead of the standard 40k.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.20.48 AMOther than the higher-than-usual bonus, the other thing that jumps out at me is that the annual fee of $125 per year is waived for the first year. The normal annual fee on the Sapphire Preferred is $95.

I would anticipate this offer disappearing soon, but if you can see the offer as 50,000 bonus points, you should receive the full bonus if you’re approved through the application and meet the minimum spending requirement.

Take a screen shot of the bonus as evidence, but in my experience, Chase is very generous and very fair if you send them a Secure Message on, so I doubt they’d make you produce your screen shot to collect the 50k bonus. (Note that this is speculation on my part. I am not affiliated with Chase or writing on its behalf. Your mileage may vary.)

If you apply for the Sapphire Preferred, I think it’s a great idea to add an authorized user to collect 5k more points. That authorized user’s spending can help you earn more Ultimate Rewards, and it doesn’t preclude the authorized user from later getting the Sapphire Preferred on his own and getting the full bonus in my experience.

Some folks are reporting that the landing page doesn’t lead them to a 50k offer, while some of us see it. Report your experience in the comments!


26 Responses to INCREDIBLE: Up to 55,000 Bonus Ultimate Rewards for Opening a Sapphire Preferred and Adding an Authorized User

  1. Approved instantly…currently have the two Ink cards as well. Added my wife as an authorized user for extra 5k and she’s already got a Sapphire Preferred. Hopefully that extra 5k comes in.

    Is the 5k offer valid on existing cards? For instance, if my wife added me as an authorized user on her Sapphire Preferred, could we get an extra 5k on that account as well?

    • In my experience, you can add someone who has their own acct to your acct as an AU no problem. YMMV. Enjoy the miles.

  2. What are the chances I can combine this offer with the refer-a-friend offer? That is, can I “refer” my wife to the Sapphire Preferred, get 5K for myself, then get 50K for her plus 5K more when she adds me as an AU on her card, and thus we end up with 60K UR points?

  3. Just applied and was approved. Took screenshots of the whole process.

    Your link was the first 50K link that actually worked for me. All the others still opened to the 40K page.


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  5. Why is the annual fee higher here than the normal card? Seems like the only difference is an higher initial signup bonus, but it’s $30 more in annual fee.

    • How long do you have to wait between Chase applications? Does it matter whether your last app was a personal or business card?

      • I’d like to know this as well, Chase has so many nice cards! I got both personal and business versions of Southwest Premier and a Chase Ink Plus just a month ago. Would I be an idiot to try going for this ? The personal Southwest card I got approved for has a HUGE limit. The business cards I got approved through Recon line.

  6. Any chance I can get the 5k for adding an authorized user on a CSP I’ve had open for a while? =]

  7. Thanks! I just applied and got 50K. I have had this on my list for awhile, so I finally pulled the trigger.

  8. I received the card this week and sent a secure message to chase today and they would not grant the extra miles. They cited the difference in annual fee as the reason, 95 vs 125$.

  9. How long do you have to wait between Chase applications? (I was approved for a Southwest Airlines business card in October; haven’t applied for a personal card since 2011.)

  10. i had this card and closed it almost an year ago, can i apply for this card again?

  11. I received the card a month ago, so I called the customer service # and asked if it was possible to get the 50k miles instead of the 40k and add my husband for 5k and she said it wasn’t a problem, but that I would have to pay the higher annual fee. I figured for 15k miles, the $30 was totally worth it.

  12. Is the 50,000 Mile + 5,000 Miles for authorized user still in effect? I can only get to the 40,000 Mile Bonus. Any link for the 50K offer?
    Also, is there currently a 50K offer in effect for the Explorer personal card? I can only find the 30K offer. Any link for the 50 K offer?
    Thanks for your help.

  13. Hi Scott – It is June 18th and I was able to send a secure message to Chase and they replied promptly advising that they will add the extra 20k bonus points when I let them know the spending requirement has been met. Nice, nice, nice! Thanks for the heads up about this possibility. :)

  14. Hi Scott: Other MileValuers might be interested in something that happened to me: I got the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and am actively pursuing meeting the spending requirement by using it to purchase airline tickets (I have no miles yet). I saw that if I booked my travel through Ultimate Rewards travel department, I could earn 3 miles per dollar spent. Great – I can meet spend requirement and rack up some points by buying airline tickets. So, I called the UR travel department, and I got a great rep who explained how things worked. Since I didn’t have a lot of time, I planned to call the next day to actually book the travel. However, the next day when I called the UR travel department I was told that I could NOT earn 3 pts per dollar spent if I booked with a live agent at UR travel department: 3 pts per dollar spent could only be received if I booked via online. Conflicting info, but whatever, I want to maximize points. So, I logged in and tried to book the cheapest airline tickets to our destination, which happened to be on Southwest Airline. No can do. As many people know, SWA fares can only be booked through their website and was not available online at So, I called UR travel department back (1-866-951-6592) and was told ‘Of course you can book your travel with an agent and still earn 3 pts per dollar spent. With any airline, including SWA!’ The agent was kind enough to have a supervisor confirm that for me (supervisor put a note on my chase account confirming) and the agent then booked my travel with Southwest (even reminding me to attach my Rapids Rewards to the booking with SWA). Hope this helps someone else: Booking online at doesn’t show SWA and, as I frequently see on MileValue, you just gotta keep calling.

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