Free Giveaway Friday, Delta Surcharge Relief, & Platinum Card non-News

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1. Your Platinum Card’s Membership Rewards will drop in value for Pay With Points redemptions on February 15, 2013 from 1.25 cents to 1 cent. This is pretty close to not being newsworthy, since Pay With Points is a bad deal at 1.25 cents. I’d rather transfer to Avios, Hawaiian Airlines, or even top off a Delta account before buying a cash ticket with Membership Rewards.

The Points Guy reports that you can call AMEX to cancel your Platinum card until December 30 at 800-525-3355 and receive a prorated refund of the $450 annual fee. My understanding of AMEX annual fees is that you can always call to cancel them and get a prorated credit for the “unused portion” of the annual fee.

2. Lucky reports Delta will no longer charge the approximately $300 surcharge for award tickets originating in Europe. There was never a good reason why New York to Paris roundtrip was $100 in taxes, and Paris to New York roundtrip was $400 in taxes.

Last week I reported that Delta is no longer collecting fuel surcharges on Virgin Australia awards, so Delta’s miles are inching up in value (from a low base.)

3. Last Friday’s winner of the gogo pass was Joanna. Lucky her: she can read MileValue for free from 35k feet. Last Friday, there were only 15 commentors, so the chances of winning are pretty good.

Comment below for your chance to win a single-flight gogo internet pass that expires 12/31/12.

Gogo internet is available on select planes on Air Canada, AirTran, Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, United, US Airways, and Virgin America.


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  1. Hey, I love your website!
    I guess this qualifies me to be entered into the gogo raffle?

  2. Gogo next Thursday?

  3. keep up the good work. hope to catch you at a seminar sometime

  4. i like free internet.

  5. I wasn’t likely to use Delta miles with Virgin Australia, but am wondering whether this change is for competitive reasons in a given market, or part of a larger trend.

  6. Your site is the best for clearly explaining the value proposition. Keep up the good work.

  7. Taking a Delta flight next month, here’s to hoping I have a GoGo pass to use.

    Glad they changed the fuel charge from Europe… that was nonsense.

  8. Using your mile value calculator, I found you got my wife and I an 18.9cpm value for our miles!
    Ive been recommending you to all my friends

  9. Milevalue at 35000 feet is a GOOOGo!

  10. GoGo me please :)

  11. GoGo me please

  12. GoGo on Virgin America please.

  13. I’ve just started reading your blog. I would love to see more on churning, how to, when to cancel cards to do so and that sort of thing. Please.

  14. GoGo please ! :)

  15. When you said that delta skypesos are inching up in value, does that mean you changed their value on your leaderboard?

    Gogo mile value!

    • I haven’t. I want to redo my analysis on each type of mile soon; they are all months old, and things have changed.

  16. well i love free internet and reading milevalue :)

  17. I could really use GoGo to distract me from the prospect of visiting my extended family this holiday season.

  18. Free internet is nice.

  19. Just started reading MileValue this week and following on Twitter. So happy to have found you! Not happy about Delta’s new baggage policy.

  20. Thanks for the info. I am new to this and for now my sole purpose in saving miles/points is to get to europe from NYC. Is there any reason for me to save Delta or United miles? I use AA and now Avios since the reward thresholds always seems so much lower. Am I correct to focus there or am I missing something?

    • I loved united miles. And delta has its uses too. If you mean, should you focus on more than one mile for paid flight, the answer is no. But for credit card miles, it’s a false dichotomy. You can get all types easily from sign up bonuses.

  21. Just found your site a few days ago, and everything I’ve read so far has been great info. Thanks!

  22. Free wifi or sleep on the plane…..I’ll let fate decide.

  23. Long flight would be nicer with GOGO!

  24. I’m headed to LA for thanksgiving and would love this free internet pass! Cross country flights take foreverrrrrrr!

  25. Speaking of free stuff, anyone want a free Doritos Loco taco?

    Slightly less value, but more delicious?

  26. Nice blog! Learning a lot about oneworld award redemptions.

  27. I’d love a GoGo pass!

  28. GoGo for me, pretty please!! :)

  29. Would love some Gogo!

  30. I’d love to win free internet :)

  31. Looking forward to seeing you at the LA seminars.

  32. Would love to try out GOGO.

  33. Free Gogo pass, always welcome

  34. Just getting into your blog, Scott. Thanks for all the work you put into it! Gogo!

  35. Robert Scott Barnes BSN, RN

    I would LOVE free GOGO, Flying out tomorrow on a brother given points ticket 1 way to New Orleans….No jobs for new graduate nurses in NYC, so on my way to hopefully work in New Orleans…and I am too broke for gogo. 5 years of grueling education and student loans to walk into the worst Registered Professional New Graduate job Market in the world. I promise to read milevalue my entire trip!!!

  36. Count me in!

  37. The gogo pass would be put to good use for an upcoming flight

  38. Mole and miles!

  39. Keep up the great posts!

  40. If I get this pass I will read on my upcoming cross-continent flight.

  41. Singapore Flyer

    great posts…keep it up. traveling next month…gogo would be cool.

  42. I’ve got a flight on DL on Monday and could sure use the gogo pass. Thanks for all you do!

  43. Hopefully more airlines will see the error of their ways and axe these ridiculous fuel fees. Well at least we can dream.

  44. Go go, gogo! :)

  45. I would love a gogo pass for my upcoming November trip. Thanks.

  46. have u ever had delta amex cancel an (extra) card and suck back the bonus MMs after they have been posted? i worry about that. should i?

    • Credit card companies clawing back miles–not their proprietary points but miles–is almost unheard of. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  47. oh and a gogo pass would be lovely please. flying soon.

  48. GoGo is great!

  49. Gogo because I get bored easily in flight!

  50. Thanks for all the hard work on this blog. We really appreciate it.

  51. I find your blog very informative. You cover the technical aspect of booking award miles very well. I learned a lot already in just a couple of weeks reading from it. Keep it up and more success to you.
    I could use the GoGo internet pass next week. My wife and I are flying Delta going to SEA for our 16th year anniversary.
    Thank you in advance.

  52. I LOVE “You do the travel, I do the math”

  53. Go Gogo!!!

  54. I love your website! Keep it up…

  55. I needed this! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!

  56. If I win the gogo pass, I promise to put it to good use!

  57. Go Go Go Go.

  58. Gogo pass

  59. Would like to try GOGO


    wait…i forgot this isn’t soccer.

  61. Delta fuel surchage disappearing act makes sense as a prelude to the dreaded revenue based redemption. No need for fuel surcharges then since it would just be rolled into the regular price.

  62. Love your blog!

  63. Going to try this again! Gogo!

  64. I need my Gogo to fly Delta on November 24th or it’s a no go!!!

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