Free Credit Card Consultation

I am pleased to offer free, personalized consultations for your next round of credit card applications.

If you have a goal trip in mind, let me know, and I will tell you the right cards to get to turn that dreamed-of trip into a dream vacation.

If you just want to pad your balances and aren’t sure what cards to get next, I can help with that too.

Your consultation will naturally rely heavily on my advanced knowledge of award bookings. I may even perform some award searches to determine what type of miles would be most valuable for your specific trip. But if you want help with an award booking, that’s a separate service.

If you have applied for a credit card in the last 91 days, please wait to fill out this form. If you applied for a card last month, for instance, wait until it’s been about 90 days from that application to contact me.

Please only contact me when you are ready to apply for cards in the next 48 hours. Offers change all the time, so my sending you suggestions that may go stale is a poor use of time.

If you are currently carrying credit card debt, please pay that off before contacting me. The only way to maximize rewards from credit cards is to pay them off in full each month.

I only keep track of the best cards for Americans. If you don’t have an American Social Security Number, which you need to get American cards, I can’t be of any help.

There are four Chase Inks (Bold, Plus, Cash, and Classic) and two Sapphires (Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred). Please specify the cards you have fully.

52 Responses to Free Credit Card Consultation

  1. I have done the math and we put 60K+ through our Visa worldperks last year and another 16K through AMEX via costco.

    Could I open cards in my Moms or daughters name and have me be the co-sign to run it through my expenses, then, eventually
    transfer the awards to our account? Neither of them have an interest in chasing the miles and points.

    IF so, can you advise which cards allow a full transfer without a penalty between two different people?
    Thanks !

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  4. I signed up for 3 cards in June; one week btwn each ap. Oops! Credit went from 820 to 780. Don’t plan on any big loans for years. Got targeted Delta offer 50k for $1k spend., but it expires 9/2. Should I wait? If you suggest I sign up now, should I sign up for the us Air, United Explorer, and CSP at the same time as Delta? Does putting authorized users on my and hubby’s cards adversely affect credit? In either case, I want to take advantage of your credit card analysis and booking service. Thanks!

    • If those were your first three apps, you will probably be fine applying for multiple cards by 9/2. But I wouldn’t make a habit of this.

  5. Thanks! Would you suggest several, or just this one cc. I want about 3, and don’t want to wait 4 months.

  6. Sorry, just looked over your response again. I’ll apply for a few end of this month.

  7. Hi! Am thinking of applying for the AA Visa (50K), AMEX SPG (30K), and the Hyatt Visa Card. I know that each of these banks will use EX for the inquiry. Here’s my situation:
    12 INQ (2 yrs.)
    0 INQ past 6 months.
    What are my chances of approval?

  8. If you’re looking at this page thinking “Why should I ask a stranger what credit cards I should get?” I just want to put in a plug for Scott’s free credit card consultations. Sitting at home reading these blogs, it can be hard to cut through the affiliate links and know what’s really best for you. Having someone like Scott take the time to respond quickly and thoughtfully was incredibly helpful, and his advice was spot-on. Thank you, Scott!

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  10. Hello,
    Thank you for the great info. We just opened a new credit card about one month ago so will wait until the 90 days is up to get the consultation. One question for you: the card we opened is interest free for 15 months. Is it okay if we carry a balance or should we paying it off every month?

    Thanks much!

  11. Can i do your way if i live in Indonesia?

    • You can redeem like we do, but you can’t get credit cards with a big sign up bonus without a US Social Security Number

  12. If I just closed on a home (a day ago), will the lender inquiries into my credit from the past month affect my approval chances for credit cards? Can I/Should I apply for credit cards right away, now that I’ve secured my home?

    • I never answer whether people should apply for cards. That affects you, so you must make the decision. I only recommend cards once people decide to get them. I think you’re in the clear now that your house has closed. Welcome back to the fun ;)

  13. Do you have any recomendations for people in Europe? Thanks

    • 1. Credit flights to the American partner of the airline you fly. Our mileage programs are the best.
      2. Buy cheap US Airways and TACA miles when they’re on sale for business class redemptions.

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  15. Hi Scott!

    Any recommendations for recent grads with a good credit score and no debt (except for school loans)? Cards that provide a good amount of airline miles (that can be used to visit home or abroad) would be ideal!


  16. Hey Scott,

    I just applied and received a new Amex Gold on 10/7/13. I’d like to take advantage of the Southwest (How to Get Over $3,142 in Free Southwest Flights from Opening Two Credit Cards) and/or Lufthansa (50k before 12/15). Do you still suggest skipping these and waiting the full 91 days before applying for any additional cards? Also – If my spouse applies for cards every 91 days as well, will this be a red flag because we have the same address?

    • You can break the 91 day “rule” every once in a while for really good limited time offers. It’s more like my ideal time frame than a necessary one. Fill out the form for my full recommendations!

  17. Vysakh Nachiketus

    Hey Scott, First thank you for your great service.
    I will be a Delta Silver Medallion for 2014(now i am not, doing a travel in early Dec and that will get me there). Should I apply for Delta Platinum card? so that i may be able to get 15K or so medallion qual miles?
    I am hoping to do a FC Europe trip with my wife next year so i am expecting to use my Delta miles(currently i have around 30K miles + signup bonuses).
    is that plan? any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks again!

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  19. I tried multiple submissions and your captcha does not work.

  20. I applied for the Southwesr credit card per your suggestion. How can I spend $2000 in the next three months without buying items I really don’t need?

  21. put all ur spending on this card. Pay all ur bills that accepts credit cards with it. Buy gift cards at grocery stores and office supplies stores for later use. Open up a Bluebird acct. and load ‘em with Vanilla Reloadable cards which u can get at CVS . That’s it for starters. Good Luck!

  22. Hi Scott
    I am an American presently living and working in England. I have a SSN. Are you aware of any card that will consider some living overseas?

  23. Hi Scott,
    Thank you for valuable information on your blog. I have been using United select plus and club card to earn miles on united and I have silver status on united and Ritz/marriot. But from March, my work situation will be changed. I will no longer have to use my corporate card and can use my personal cards for official travel. I will be spending over 80days/year on hotel. and taking about 50 trips mainly in the US and few in Europe. I want to diversify my miles and hotel points. Was thinking about applying for Amex SPG, Ritz visa and Citi AA. Would you have suggestions/advice for me on which cards should I target? I would like to use the miles/points on personal vacation with my family to Europe and Asia. Thank you in advance.

  24. is anyone else having issues with the recaptcha not working and not allowing you to submit the form? I’ve tried several times

  25. The captvha sucks!

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  27. Hey Scott, I have the potential to travel to Boliva to teach Firefighting to some great folks. I will be flying from Seattle and this will probably take place in June or early July. What are my best options for flying and who should I focus on?

  28. Hi Scott,
    Can you please suggest or advise on how to get the best tour companies for our summer trip to Rome, London & Paris. Also, please suggest websites or educational materials to improve FICO scores. I’m disputing credit reports on a short sale. Thanks.

  29. I have a question. I applied for a business card about 6 weeks ago – it was unrelated to my current mileage accrual pursuits (which I found as a result of doing card comparisons). I really would like to start a churning process for my husband and myself with personal cards. We have not applied for any credit cards in the past 90 days. Should I wait to submit for my consultation or would it be alright to move forward? We have no need for loans anytime in the near future, so a slight ding to our credit scores won’t be a problem.

  30. Very nice website and Kudos…I recently moved to the country for work and I still have my CitiBank Permier miles card from India. Just to let you know, i earn 2.4 miles for $1 (4 miles for 100 Rupees) and 6 miles for $1 on all travel related spends like airline/car rental/hotel and several Citi exclusive partners.

    also right now, they have promo which is double the miles on all travel and international spends which is more like 12 miles for $1 when i spend it in USD. I do understand the 3.5% Foreign transaction charges, but its worth it.

    A 750$ spend (I would pay 26~30$ in Foreign transaction fees) , earns me 9000 miles which is enough for around trip from CMH to JFK or something on those lines, which is like $400~600 worth trip..

  31. Thank you!

  32. Hey,

    I am interesting to apply 2 new credit cards which is Chase Hyatt, and Barclays Arrival + or Citi Prestige on the same day, since usually they have not report it to the credit bureau. However, I do have several new credit card application lately this year, February was Chase Sapphire P 12K limit, March was Amex Premier Gold no limit, May Chase Marriott 6k Limit, and I got Chase United Mileage Plus since November 2013 – 10k limit, and Chase Freedom since December 2012, 1.5k limit. Do you think they will approve my application for Chase Hyatt and Barclays or Citi? I always pay on time, never carry any balance, my monthly spend usually about $1000/months across the accounts, and my utilization is about 20% to 40% on average.

  33. Many thanks for your prompt help in recommending my credit card strategy. Appreciate the help and your knowledge.
    You mentioned booking 11 months out for my desired Asia trip, I understand that but what about the return if I stay in Asia for 21-25 days. Do I just hope for the best with the return?
    Thanks again

  34. Thanks Scott – super fast replies

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