Best Chase Credit Cards

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  1. Hi!
    Just discovered your blog not too Long ago. Super interesting stuff. Ok I’m hooked. I just graduated college and want to get a credit card where I can rack up some serious points. I love traveling just like you and plan to do a lot more while I’m done with school! I don’t do that much spending but I’m pretty sure I can reach 3k in 3 months. I’ve got a month long backpacking trip to Europe in 3 weeks and I’m sure I can rack up some money to meet some the criteria for some credit cards. I got good credit. Where do I go from here? What card do you suggest?

  2. From a credit bureau perspective: Is it better to cancel in month 11 or if they offer additional miles to more then cover the monthly fee is it better to hold all these card even if you don’t use them? Thanks

  3. How many miles American Airlines miles required for a first class round trip ticket on el al airlines from Los Angeles? Thanks

  4. Scott Gilliam

    What is the least pricey first class into Cairo and out of Tel Aviv from Los Angeles? I hope are enjoying Buenos Aires.

  5. Canceling Chase Cards: Is it best to space out the cancellation of cards over X number of months? I’ve recently canceled a couple of Chase personal cards when the annual fee posted (about a month apart) and they are both still showing up on my online account. (The first one was about a month and a half ago). I know I can ‘hide’ them from my screen, but I’m wondering if it attracts attention to cancel more than one card within a certain time period. Thx.

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